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We are very proud of our long standing relationship with the Oxford Media and Business School. This college produces some of the finest candidates with exceptional office skills and we are delighted to be involved with their job search.

Our consultants regularly visit both OMBS in Oxford and Quest College in London to give career talks and advice to the students.

We are also delighted to be involved in organising the work experience programme for the OMBS students, and happily this often results in a permanent job offer for the students.

"Their enthusiasm and knowledge of the job market gives our students the best start in their careers" Andrea Freeman, Principal

Work Experience

Bain and Gray believe in long term investment in both our candidates and our clients.  The majority of agencies do not understand the value and asset that work experience offers as there is no immediate reward for them.  We know differently.

We have been running the Work Experience Programme with Oxford Media and Business School since 2000 and have made long term and lasting relationships with both students and our clients through this.  Many students impress to such a level, that a job offer is a common result of the programme; an incredible achievement in a week.

Why?  Work experience often immediately makes people think of time wasting, hassle, an extra person to worry about, find work for and show the ropes to for little reward.  It raises many questions around how to manage and incentivise the students, what hours they should work, among others.  We manage the whole process, so our clients simply benefit from the programme and often comment on how they miss the students after they have gone.

As part of the one year Executive Diploma course at OMBS, the students all complete a week of work experience in their last term at the college.  A specific week is set aside for this and all the students sit through a detailed one on one interview with us as part of their preparation for the programme.  We then select and match the students using our recruitment experience and knowledge within an incredibly diverse mix of companies, depending on the student’s experience, interests and skills. The vast majority of our clients who have previously been involved with the work experience programme see it as an asset, and request a student year after year. 

The OMBS course is an intensive year of office skills, this includes all the MS Office and IT skills including keyboard and shorthand, but also business modules:

  • Business Communications – Understanding the various ways in which people communicate
  • Management Information System –
  • Understanding data and how you can interpret information from it, so that decisions can be made
  • Personal Development Planning – Getting to know and understand yourself in a better way, looking in depth at your strengths and flaws
  • E Marketing – Search Engine Optimization
  • Business Environment – Understanding Business and the Economy today and how social activities effect it on a day to day basis

In addition to this we find the student’s expectations are carefully managed.  We often find the Graduates we meet are a lot less prepared for the workplace than the students that leave OMBS.  Many students are now choosing OMBS over University seeing it as a better long term investment in their careers, and many graduates are also including OMBS as part of their further education before embarking on the their job search.

If you are interested in a Work Experience student from OMBS during their final term of College, please contact or call on 020 7036 2030.  Due to high demand it is advisable to give us plenty of notice.

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