Why use Bain and Gray

Emotionally Intelligent Recruitment

“Working in partnership with individuals and businesses to deliver a best in class service. Providing continuous investment in our team, engaging with exceptional talent and acting as trusted consultants to provide personable, tailored excellence.”

Why use Bain and Gray

In a market that is saturated with recruitment agencies, why use Bain and Gray?

Our reputation in the market precedes us; we know we get our referral business because of our service, our knowledge, our long standing relationships based on trust and high calibre candidates. We are not the only agency that can claim this, many others do the same.

The difference between us and other agencies is our candidate knowledge and care, and by virtue of this our access to a deep and wide network of exceptional talent in the market. This means we have contact with a broad reach of passive candidates, who may be open to hearing about PA roles, but are not marketing themselves out actively online, through social media or via agencies.

Passive Candidates

We stay in touch with our candidates throughout their careers, whether they are actively looking or just keeping in touch. We are a source of expert advice, so we often hear from candidates who simply seek a third party to run through a career decision with. We stay in touch through our informative blogs and articles, candidate events and mentoring or just catching up over a coffee. We often use this candidate network with very senior ‘one off’ roles we recruit, which gives us access to a database that would not exist on other agency’s databases or CV sourcing / social networking sites. We have knowledge and established relationships of trust with our candidates at our finger tips and this gives us an edge, which in turn gives our Clients access to the very best candidates in the market.

We work on a true one to one basis giving you a bespoke service based on a thorough understanding of your business ethos.  We look deeper than a Job Brief, we look at office culture, personalities and your needs to ensure the perfect match in the shortest time.

Please feel free to contact us on 020 7036 2030 to discuss your recruiment needs.