Celebrating our 10 year anniversary in style!

Last week the team headed out of London to spend a couple of days away at Soho Farmhouse to celebrate Bain and Gray turning 10!

We met as a team around midday and headed straight to the Fancy Barn for lunch to start the celebrations. We were directed up to the balcony where our table was beautifully laid out with views over the lake and Boathouse. Expecting nothing else, the food was to die for - crispy homemade sausage rolls, perfectly cooked sea bass and delicious Burrata with freshly picked tomatoes from their vegetable garden – need we say anymore?! ABSOLUTE HEAVEN! 

After lunch, we were all treated with a spa treatment of choice – facials, massages, nail treatments – we couldn’t believe our luck! The afternoon was spent enjoying our treatments, chatting and relaxing by the pool in the sunshine. Around early evening we were then able to check in to our ‘Piglets’. Imagine this – sitting on a hill, 30 perfect little huts shaped like pigpens overlooking a field full of horses, beautiful flowers blowing in the wind and the sun is beginning to drop behind it all – could this get any more picturesque?!

After a quick outfit change, the team met down at the Boathouse for some celebratory bubbles and a speech by our directors about the past and the future 10 years. We were then met by one of the many lovely staff members at the Farmhouse who spent the next hour teaching us how to make Pornstar Martinis and Moscow Mules - we quickly became cocktail experts (or at least we thought so!). A few cocktails down and it was time to get some dinner in the beautiful Pen Yen restaurant which served the most delicious Japanese food.

The evening was continued in the main courtyard which had huge firepits for us to sit around. Table tennis was played, lots of chats and giggles were had, drinks were drunk – the night was fab! 

The next morning some of us made it to a workout class, whilst others enjoyed a longer lie in before all meeting for bacon buttys and fresh fruit. It was another beautiful sunny day, so the team went straight to the pool and swam with some of the local residents – the ducks that confuse the attaching the lake with the swimming pool! Sadly, we weren’t able to stay forever so after we had had our relaxation fix we all parted ways to enjoy our weekends.  

We had an amazing couple of days spending time as a team away from the office to celebrate our 10 year anniversary – we can’t wait to see what the next 10 years hold for us.