FAQs for Temps

Alice and Hetty

What about holiday pay? What should I do if I'm ill? Temping brings lots of questions so we've put together a help list of FAQs!

Length of temp bookings

Temp bookings vary in length from 1 day to a week’s booking to a contract. When you come in to register with us we can discuss the length of booking that best suits you and we can tailor your temp search to fit your requirements.


Due to the fast-paced nature of temp work it is crucial for you to keep us updated with your availability and to keep your phone on loud, this way we can get you temping as soon as possible. We often have last minute bookings though and knowing your availability enables us to run suitable roles by you and saves us valuable time when filling the bookings.

Temps best practice

We have lots of helpful tips on temping on our website under Downloads.

Before your first day temping, it is crucial to go through our Introduction to Temping and Top Tips for Temping. We are proud of our longstanding relationships with both our clients and candidates, we focus on finding the right fit. Please keep in contact with us and let us know how you are getting on, we will do the same with both you and the client. Before going into your interview and booking always research the client, who you are meeting/supporting and what they do, this will give you a head start and allow you to get going quickly. When you complete a booking please always leave a detailed and coherent handover. This will be helpful to the person who is taking over the role.

A handover might include:

  • Key tasks that you have completed whilst in the assignment
  • Notes from any meetings or events that you have attended / arranged
  • Update on any ongoing projects
  • Any new passwords for email accounts, websites and voicemails

What to wear

We will always prep you on what to wear, on the first day we would recommend going smarter and making a judgement call once you are in the booking. What to wear will vary between companies and roles, for example if the office culture is casual the Reception desk may still be corporate attire as you are the face of the company. It is a good idea to have a look at a company website before going into your booking and getting a feel for the company attire.

Essential wardrobe items:

  • Smart skirt, trousers and dresses
  • Selection of classic tops, shirts and jumpers
  • Office appropriate shoes

What to avoid:

  • Crop tops and ripped clothing 
  • Plunging tops and short skirts
  • Uncomfortable shoes

What to do if you are unwell

If you are unwell please email Alice or Hetty or alternatively call the office on 0207 036 2030

It is very important that you contact us as soon as possible so we can then manage the client and find a replacement temp, should this be required.


All of our temporary workers are paid through PAYE so we will deal with all tax and national insurance payments for you. For any work completed you will be paid each Friday, a week in arrears. We will then send across login details for you to access your payslips. Prior to any assignments through Bain and Gray, we will ask you to complete a bank form providing us with your account details and National Insurance number.


Once you have secured a temporary booking through Bain and Gray, you will need to request your P45 from your last employer. If you cannot get your P45 for any reason, then you will need to complete a Starter Checklist from HMRC.

Hourly Rate

Our temporary candidates are paid at an agreed hourly rate to which holiday pay is then added. Our hourly rates are calculated from the equivalent annual salary that our client would pay an equivalent employee. Each hour completed on temporary booking should be recorded on a timesheet and this is then authorised and processed by our payroll team.

Taking Holiday and Holiday Pay

The Agency Worker's Regulations (2010) states that all temporary workers are entitled to a minimum of 28 days holiday a year, pro rata. For any temporary assignment you complete through Bain and Gray you will accrue holiday pay on top of your hourly rate. Some temporary candidates have their holiday pay paid out weekly, some request it when they take time off or otherwise it can be paid out at the end of an assignment.

We will always ask if you have any holidays booked prior to starting a temporary assignment. We advise candidates on short term bookings to avoid taking holiday during the assignment however on longer term bookings it is understandable that our temporary candidates may want some time off. Before booking your holiday please contact Alice or Hetty so they can inform the client of the days you won’t be available. If you wish to take holiday pay for the time off please email to let us know that you would like it to be paid out.


You can find a copy of the Bain and Gray timesheet on our website to print off accordingly. Please fill in the timesheet daily and total up the hours at the end of each week. All timesheets will need to be approved by the person you report to and then sent back to us. Payroll is put through every Monday so they will need to be emailed to Alice and Hetty by Monday at 12PM alice@bainandgray.com hetty@bainandgray.com