First-Jobbers And Mastering Virtual Interviews

Many of our first-jobber candidates have been asking us questions on the etiquette of a fundamental part of the new normal - the virtual interview. Lots of companies are using these to replicate the traditional recruitment process as closely as possible.

To help you, we have laid out some important guidelines to help you prepare for a phenomenon that is most definitely here until January 2020 and potentially even on a permanent basis.

  1. Virtual vs Reality - Treat Them the Same

An important thing to remember with video interviewing is that you should not treat it any differently to what a face-to-face interview would be like. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming the interview will be less challenging/strenuous because you have a computer screen between you and the interviewer. As they see it, they are preparing for a serious interview with a potential candidate – your attitude should not be any different.


First impressions are vital and can really make a difference virtually, therefore you think about how you are going to come across in advance of the interview. Think about your attire – dress as if you were going to a regular interview – it’s important to show professionalism to the interviewer.

A benefit of being in a different room is the opportunity to set up prompts for yourself. Make notes and place them behind your screen to add clarity to the points you make and to aid your focus. A great way to lay this out is to bullet point key points to help you jog your memory.

  1. Body Language and Eye Contact

Studies have shown that at least 55% of your overall communication some across in the form of body language! How crazy is that! Body language is super important as it will undoubtedly help the interviewer form an opinion of you. Things to think about:

  • Posture – you wouldn’t slouch in a face-to-face interview, so make sure you don’t in your virtual interview.
  • Eye contact – you should be directly looking at the screen. Looking around the room can come across as a lack of assurance in your understanding.
  • Smile! We don’t mean the whole way through the interview (that would be a bit awkward!) but where appropriate, show a friendly smile. No employer will hire a moody employee!
  1. Check What’s Behind You!

Ensure your background is video appropriate! We encourage you to find an area in your home that has a simple backdrop and is not cluttered. The last thing you want to do is have something in the background that is going to distract the interviewer from you!

  1. Master How To Screen Share

The screen sharing feature can certainly set you apart from other interview candidates. We advise watching some video tutorials on how to do this. There is nothing more off-putting for the potential employer when there are technology fails! Practice makes perfect. Do some interview run-throughs before the real thing and practice delivering a presentation (through screen sharing) with stellar commentary. If you nail this, you are definitely on the right path to securing the job.


We hope these points have been helpful to you. Our main advice to you is to prepare as if it were a regular face-to-face interview. Be yourself, act professionally and prepare meticulously. If you have any questions or worries about virtual interviewing, please feel free to send us an email or call – one of our lovely consultants would be more than happy to help.