Halloween Adventures

Halloween Decorations

How on earth did Halloween come around this quickly?!

Here we are again stressing about what to dress as, whether to go sexy and chic or full on terrifying… But least of all do we want to be Cady from Mean Girls who didn't get the memo...

Mean Girls gave me my first insight into Halloween in States, but even that didnt prepare me for how wild it really is! A couple of years ago I spent Halloween in Houston Texas, and very much enjoyed how crazy Texans go for it. They put Londoners to shame with their enthusiasm! For a whole month there were decorations all over people’s houses, lawns, in the trees, down the streets and all bars and restaurants were fully kitted out in the most extravagant decorations you can image. Halloween there becomes like a month-long festival rather than just one day. On the night of Halloween the streets come alive with trick or treaters in the most wonderful costumes and the night life is even more exciting. I saw everything from Chewbacca to Jesus, it was quite an experience. It was lovely how it is such a communal effort as well and everyone comes together to celebrate. I definitely recommend it if you are ever in the Southern States at this time of year!

Meanwhile back in London in the office we have been deciding on where to go and what to do. Luckily in the capital there is lots going on, if you haven’t decided yet, make sure not to miss out. Here are some options if you haven’t planned anything yet:

Trick or Treat? Pick your mix.

1.Halloween Raveyard at The Vaults, Waterloo 8pm Saturday 8pm Sunday - Dark tunnels under Waterloo Station. Hosting a Halloween special for upcoming artists with a super cool space. Incorporating London’s familiar underground station with an eerie surrounding.

2.The Ten Bells - For those who do not want to party until all hours and perhaps want to have a Halloween treat in a pub instead, this is the place to go. Based in Spitalfields, it will create an atmospheric evening and provide you with Halloween editions to allow you to feel fully integrated in the holiday.


3. The Horniman Halloween Fair - Want to celebrate during the day? The Horniman Halloween Fair is a day of creepy, frightening and terrifying games. Suitable for all the family with the scary set of witches, spiders and creepy crawlies whilst also showcasing an array of arts,crafts and great food and drink stalls.

4. The Mansion Halloween Ball.. location is still unknown.. take look! http://www.themansionlondon.com/next-event