Happy Chinese New Year!

Street Dancers

It's Chinese New Year...and this year the celebrations are in honor of the Year of the Dog!

Friday is normally exciting enough, but there’s even more reason to celebrate as today is Chinese New Year!
The Chinese Zodiac moves in a 12 year cycle, and according to Asian astrology, the animal for the year of your birth determines important things, such as your character and personality traits!
Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Dog, which is the 11th position in the 12 year cycle.
Those born in 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970 and 1958 are all born during the ‘Year of the Dog’, and it's said that these people possess top traits such as loyalty and honesty!

Chinese New Year is best described as a celebration of light and colour. People wear red clothing or accessories as it’s considered the Chinese colour of luck for the New Year and people celebrate with incense, sparklers and fireworks.Over 200,000 Chinese people live in the UK however people of all nationalities love to join in to bring in the New Year together. In London, there is an annual parade and festival in Trafalgar square and Chinatown, full of craft activities, Chinese food, lion dances and red lanterns!

This year the festivities are taking place on Sunday the 18th of February between 10am-6pm in Chinatown. The day will start with a parade from Charing Cross to Shaftesbury Avenue, which is always hugely popular.
The celebrations to welcome the Year of the Dog 2018 are set to be very busy, so make sure you get there early to grab a great place to see the parade!

If parades and outdoor celebrations aren't really your flavour, head to Yautcha Soho, a massive favourite of the team in the Bain and Gray office.
Yautcha is hosting a very special installation by some of London's leading artists with the theme 'reinventing the Chinese lantern'.
These beautiful art works include stunning and vibrant totem sculputures and hanging lanterns inspired by the gorgeous decor in Yauatcha.
They also have a divine range of patisserie delights and macarons specially for the occasion if you're feeling peckish, so definitely a very elegant and delicious way to celebrate.


Happy Friday everyone and Gǒu nián jí xiáng – “Good luck for the Year of the Dog!”