HOPE not Hate

One of the largest & most successful political action groups in the country.

This month, we are supporting the charity Hope not Hate, an advocacy group based in the UK.

Founded in 2004 to provide a positive antidote to the politics of hate, the charity campaigns against racism and fascism. They "combine first class research with community organising and grassroots actions to defeat hate groups at elections and to build community resilience against extremism.” With this research, they have exposed the illegal activities of extremist groups, revealed the unsavoury side to hundreds of extremist candidates over the years and helped frame groups like the English Defence League in the media.”

The idea behind HOPE not hate was to offer a more positive and engaging way of campaigning against fascism with a focus on working with communities and speaking with local people. More recently, they have concentrated on local, community politics in order to build peaceful and positive resistance to attempts by organisations, like the EDL, to divide communities. The charity offers support to, and run joint initiatives with, Muslim organisations and have begun campaigning against Islamist extremism.

Since it was founded in 2004, HOPE not hate has become one of the largest and most successful political action groups in the country.

You can read more about their investigations here and their blog here.

We are delighted to support HOPE not Hate this December and have donated to the cause.