How to Explain Gaps in Your CV

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Our top tips to help you explain any gaps in your CV

Gaps in your employment history can be a worrying area to explain when it comes to job hunting and CV writing. Do you gloss over it? Are you tempted to make something up? From our experience, being upfront and acknowledging any gaps puts you in charge of your career narrative and helps you take back control of a situation you could be stressing about.

Here are some tips to explain the gaps on your CV whilst still selling yourself as the most suited candidate for the role.

Be Honest

It does not serve any purpose to lie on your CV. You do not want to find yourself in a position where you are caught out as having lied about being somewhere you weren’t.

What did you do in between jobs?

If you gained extra qualifications, freelanced, volunteered for an organisation, even travelled, then included that. It’s a great way to explain gaps and makes you a more rounded, interesting person.

Include ALL Start and End Dates

CVs can be hard to follow for a recruitment agency or potential employer if the dates of employment aren’t clarified and displayed on your CV in a chronological order (with your most recent employment first). It can also seem vaguer and will have less flow if dates are missing and may give the impression that your gaps between employment are even longer.

Take Responsibility

Anyone reading your CV and/or discussing it with you will show you more respect if you can take responsibility and ownership of the reasons for the gaps.

Know What You’re Trying to Achieve

It is important to know what your objectives are when writing your CV. You will want to be able to explain the gaps in your CV in a way that will still reflect you as the perfect candidate for the role

No Shame

Do not feel ashamed of the decisions you have made throughout your career or regret the decisions you have made because they are what have made you you! Everybody makes mistakes; everybody will make a wrong decision in terms of career path; or encounter a problem close to home which means you have to put your plans on hold.

Don’t forget our consultants are on hand to give you plenty of advice about writing CVs and explaining gaps. If you have any worries. Please don’t hesitate to ask them!