International day of Charity

Since it is International day of charity, we want to take this opportunity to shout about the wonders of what The House of St Barnabas do. The team at Bain and Gray are huge supporters of this charity, it’s mission and the ethos behind it.


Their mission is to create the strongest community of people who are invested in creating a fair and equal society, and a future where lasting work is a reality for people affected by homelessness. They recognise that gaining and maintaining paid work is instrumental to independence and security, and that in a society where there is so much disconnect it is important to have an environment where people feel connected. They believe that working together is the key to progression and so they embrace the support and collaboration with their members and partners in everything they do. Not sure about you, but we think this is amazing!


What do they do?


The House of St Barnabas work to provide people with the support and training they need to find lasting paid employment. In their beautiful Grade I listed home and members’ club in Soho, they provide their participants and graduates with a three-month employment programme where they support on a fantastic journey to finding employment.

Unlike many training programmes, they continue to offer structured support and mentoring for another year, to help their graduates find, keep, and progress in, work. What more, they have an open-door policy, to encourage people to pop in and share their successes and challenges with them.  

“Soho is the roots, the premises of The House of St Barnabas is the trunk, the charity is the branches and the members are the blossom of this huge tree which has grown into a source of hope in London”.  – Hadi (Hadi graduated from their academy in December 2018).


Find out more about The House of St Barnabas on the website