Mental Health Awareness Week - The Team

For mental health awareness week, our team shares what they have done to stay on top of their mental wellbeing over the past year. 



Claire Gray 

Being outside in beautiful countryside and taking in the talent and creativity of some amazingly talented sculptors from around the UK, really took me somewhere else which felt very soothing and calm.


Emily Bain

I can find myself settling down to my laptop after school drop and then not moving until school pick up 7 hours later so I made myself leave the house during the day for at least 45 minutes to walk my dog and leave my screen! Living in this amazing location in Lake Annecy certainly helped.  Living next to a Chateau , surrounded by mountains and over looking a Lake, I felt rejuvenated and restored every time after I returned to my desk!


Tray Durrant

One positive for me during the pandemic has been the time that has been freed up whilst working at home, around 9 hours a week I would be sat on a train or a tube! What I did with all my new time was to walk. I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the English countryside and walking gave me many benefits. It allowed thinking time about the business as well as getting some much needed exercise. I found a real shift in my outlook as I began to gain in productivity with work planning and also more time during my day as I had exercised and walked my dog. This enabled me to pick up some lapsed skills with my ‘extra time’ as I did a refresher course on NLP.


Hetty Wokya

During the multiple lockdowns, horses have kept me sane! To me, there is nothing better to look forward to at the end of the day than this (and a chilled glass of something). I have been very lucky to be able to spend lockdown in Dorset, so a combination of riding, walking, and baking has kept me upbeat through Covid.


Alice Stevenson

I have really got into running throughout the pandemic and I am sure it is something I will continue to do as we ease back into normality. Since we have been working from home I have really appreciated being able to get outdoors and I have found that running is a great way to start my day. I have included a picture of Gunnersbury Park which I often run through a few times a week. I have also really enjoyed catching up with friends outside over the last few weeks, It is so lovely to be able to socialise again.


Bryony Milton

During the last lockdown, I found it was really important to prioritise certain things that I knew really helped my mental health – mostly getting outside and moving – whether that be walking, jogging or cycling. Obviously, on dark drizzly January mornings, I often chose to have an extra lie-in instead even though I knew that by getting outside I’d feel 100x better….eventually, I solved this by agreeing to meet someone at a certain time as that way I couldn’t not go! Being out and about in nature always makes me feel better even if that is just down by the river!


Victoria Brown

Over the last year I have done many things to keep myself sane.  Some of the things that have become regular day to day activities have been on line mat and reformer Pilates with Four Sides London, also to mix things up I have done on line Bradley Simmonds HIIT workouts and consistent outdoor runs – not sure a tread mill in a sweaty gym has quite the same appeal now!!!  Spending quite a bit of time in my house I have carried out a few renovation projects and there have been several “spring” cleans but above all I have spent more time hanging out with my husband and children.  Being a working mother who sped back to work I have enjoyed quality time with my family and a much slower pace of life.  Luckily,  I have decided they are lots of fun and very good company!! Having said that - I am delighted the children are back at school, I can see my friends and that I can go to a restaurant -  I no longer feel like a cook, cleaner and teacher!!!  Life feels a bit more normal now – fingers crossed that stays!!!


Flora MacGreevy

Each lockdown came with new tough challenges so for me I had to adapt each time to keep myself sane and as happy as possible. We were blessed with sunshine for most of the first lockdown, so an hours walking every day was amazing for my spirit and something I endeavour to still do now. Fresh air plus a comforting podcast made me feel calm and getting my daily 10k steps in made me feel less like a couch potato and better about myself!

The November lockdown was upon us with Christmas just around the corner which helped! None of us knew tier 4 was looming so for me I planned my new years eve (only to be cancelled) and life didn’t seem too bleak. I got into online Pilates as walking was not so appealing anymore in the rain. Finally, the third and final lockdown in January – the worst of them all! It was not easy to stay motivated and I definitely struggled in parts. I got really into cooking, making feasts on a Friday night, I brought a cocktail shaker and learnt a new cocktail every week. I basically tried to party my way through those long weekends! In the week, I would do one or two zoom calls with friends which was so important to feel connected. I also journaled throughout 2020 and still do today – writing a diary is such a good release, I highly recommend it!



Daisy Olley

Over the last year I have found so much enjoyment in being able to spend more time doing the things I love. Most mornings I would go for a long stroll around Hyde Park before starting my workday, my friends and I started a group workout on Zoom so we got to see each other nearly every day, I read so many great books and cooked some lovely new meals. As a marketing manager and designer, I have a very creative mind. Working in the same room, looking at the same 4 walls has been challenging for my creativity and mental health which is why getting out in nature and exercising has been so important for me.