My Black Dog

During a month when ‘January blues’ is often spoken about and people feel low after Christmas, it seems very fitting that our first charity for 2019 is MY BLACK DOG. 

MY BLACK DOG is a service that supports people suffering from anxiety, depression and or/mental illness. The charity is made up of volunteers; real people who have grappled with suicide, self-harm and paralysing mental illness. They are here to have an honest conversation with you about what's happening in your life. You can contact them using their direct messaging service.

Living with mental illness is something that needs to be managed every day. MY BLACK DOG is an online resource for everything from professional health services to weekly blogs, to alternative therapies and more. The volunteers are here to support you and each other by sharing their experiences of the treatments and therapies that has helped them.

MY BLACK DOG was set up by Nicola Clarke following her own experience of mental health problems ‘I have suffered from clinical depression for most of my life and continue to battle with it today,’ she explains. ‘I have reached crisis point a few times, and during those times, I was lucky to have good friends and the support of my family.

‘During these times, I have often thought: why do we only talk about this when people crash and why aren't we doing more to prevent a crash? Mental illness is a medical condition and people who suffer from it need continual, preventative and restorative care. It is not something that should be whispered about and brushed under the carpet. And so, I created MY BLACK DOG! I am very lucky to have recruited such wonderful volunteers, what a great bunch they are! If you need to speak to someone who understands, who really gets it, get in touch with us.’

We are delighted to support such a worthy cause this January.