My Summer Wedding

Wedding Cake

Our lovely senior consultant Olivia got married this summer, take a look at her top tips...

My Summer wedding…

I got married on the 29th July in Sherborne Abbey, Dorset, followed by the reception at my parent’s house.
It was the most fabulous day (but I am biased) and I genuinely loved every second of it!
I was surprisingly calm but I think when you have months to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for the day, actually when it arrives the overriding emotion is excitement.
I personally felt very ready to become a ‘Mrs’ and having all of your family and friends in one place is very special.
I have been surprised throughout my engagement and recent marriage at how lovely and excited everyone is for you. The number of offers of help we received and the very generous gifts we were given, it really does make you feel so loved and I tried to enjoy every minute of it.

Some top tips:

  1. Buy a couple of ivory golf umbrellas. In England you can never predict the weather and it looks much smarter in the photos having an ivory umbrella, not to mention keeping you and the bridal party dry. Rain has never been good for the hair!
  2. Have a make-up bag for touch ups somewhere handy. If you have a trusty bridesmaid (I had my sister who barely left my side – she was phenomenal!) then make sure they are on hand if you need. The whole day you are being photographed and you want to make sure you are always looking your best.
  3. Have a change of shoes available. Even if they don’t match your dress, it is worth having a change in case you get sore feet. A wedding is a long day with lots of dancing and there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable.
  4. Try and get round to everyone at dinner. I felt that I didn’t have a proper conversation with anyone all day, but at least I said hello to most people which I think is important. My husband and I took a bottle of red and a bottle of white and went round every table during dinner so at least we felt we had seen and thanked everyone. We made sure there were a few additional people of the top table so that when we weren’t there, they still had company.
  5. Do as much as you can in advance. From writing thank you notes, to wrapping gifts, to doing the table plan. The week before the wedding gets manic (especially when you are getting married at home as we did) and it can get so stressful if you are not on top of it all.
  6. Have an excel spreadsheet of jobs which need to be completed in the days preceding the wedding. I come from a military family and so my mother did an ‘overarching implementation plan’! I am not sure it needs to be that structured but it certainly meant that everyone knew what they were doing and who with at any one time. She was conscious of who liked doing what jobs, so for example, my sister who doesn’t like to get her hands too dirty was on cooking duty rather than doing outside jobs or gardening. Hungry workers are not happy workers so her role was surprisingly integral to our success!