New Year, New Career?

NYE Fireworks in London

Getting through January

2019 is officially here and there’s much to look forward to! January, though, can feel like a slog. The merriment and feasting of the Christmas period is done and dusted and we’re back at our desks thinking about the year ahead. The pressure of New Year, New You is here, the weather is cold and wet and summer seems like a long way away.

But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! Many people find this a great opportunity to reflect on all that 2018 held and work out what they really want from 2019. Having a focus or a goal can be really motivating, whether that’s to do with your finances, health or relationships. Lots of us in the office are doing Dry January and detoxing after an indulgent Christmas. Whilst we know it’s not for everyone, it feels good to be recalibrating, hangover-free and saving money.

Many people come back from Christmas feeling refreshed and ready for a career change. For us in recruitment, it’s always a frantic – and exciting - time of year! We see lots of lovely candidates, both old and new, eager for a new challenge and a new career. We also have a host of exciting new roles, both temp and perm, waiting for the right candidate. If you are thinking of a career change or if you have a seen any roles that interest you on our website, do you get it touch.

In the meantime, here are some ideas to help get you through January!

  • Book a holiday! It’s exciting to have something to look forward to
  • Check out these delicious recipes and eat yourself healthy
  • Get outside and get some fresh air. Make sure you leave your desk at lunchtime and have a break from your screen. Take a stroll around your local park. Go for a run. There are lots of benefits to being outside, including helping you sleep better, strengthening your immune system and boosting endorphins
  • Have a proper catch up with friends. Christmas is a busy time and whilst it feels like a social whirlwind, it can be hard to have meaningful catch ups with your nearest and dearest. Get a date in the diary to spend decent time with those you care about
  • Don’t beat yourself up about New Year’s Resolutions. There’s a lot of pressure around New Year’s Resolutions and if you don’t succeed, you can be left feeling like a failure. If you want to turn over a new leaf, make sure you set realistic expectations. Or instead of giving something up, why not take something up? Find a new hobby and meet new people!

If you’re looking for a new job, see all our roles here