Smart Works


All of November we will be supporting the amazing charity, Smart Works 

We all know that when you look good, you feel good. Clothes have the ability to boost your confidence, show off your personality and make you feel great. 

We generally take for granted the fact that we will have something suitable for an interview in our wardrobes, and if we don’t then we can pop to the shops on our lunch break to pick up a new shirt or shoes or handbag. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t a luxury that everyone has and that’s why, throughout November, we are proud to be supporting the amazing charity Smart Works. 

Smart Works recognises the difference that dressing well can make. They provide unemployed women with high quality clothes and accessories, a dressing preparation service with a volunteer stylist and interview coaching which helps make the individual aware of her strengths, how to answer questions effectively and understand what is expected during the process. 

Through November, we are asking candidates and clients to support Smart Works’ incredible cause by bringing in your high quality, interview appropriate but unwanted clothes. From winter coats to skin coloured tights, shoes to belts. If you no longer use it, someone else can! Any sizes are welcome, particularly size 16 and upwards. 

At the end of the month, we will take all the clothes to Smart Works office. 

Smart Works says; ’The clothes we choose to wear have a huge impact on how we are perceived by others, particularly when meeting people for the first time. Selecting what to wear for a job interview is a critical element of our non-verbal communication, and can be a huge influence on the interviewer when they are making a decision on whom to employ.

We make sure that our clients look fabulous, feel comfortable in the clothes they have chosen, and that they have everything they need.’

If you’re visiting us this month, please bring in your unwanted clothes and help empower women back into the work place!

Find out more about Smart Works.