SPACE to Breathe

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Step away from the phone....

Did you know that on average, we spend a phenomenal 4hours 46 minutes on our phones every day? That’s a huge amount of time that could, perhaps, be spent doing something more meaningful or productive. It indicates a growing dependence on them.

It’s rare that our smartphones leave our side. They’re constantly just there, within arm’s reach, waiting to be picked up so you can check your Instagram, swipe through Tinder or reply to your Whatsapps. A lot of phone-time, though, is arguably pretty mindless. We reach for them without thought or need. Much of the time spent using phones is not a conscious decision but habit and distraction.

We’re really excited to have recently discovered an app called SPACE which is a ‘personalised behaviour change programme’. In other words, it’s designed to help you find a better phone/life balance.

SPACE commissioned a YouGov survey which revealed that around 41% of adults felt a range of emotions from anxious and bored to angry and sad when parted from their phones unexpectedly. Only 6% of survey participants said they were happy when they suddenly found they were phone-less.

Other findings included:

  • 38 per cent of smartphone owners believed their behaviour wouldn’t change if they were without their phone
  • Yet 28 per cent felt anxious when found without their smartphone
  • Few of us (12 per cent) leave home without our phones more than once a week, while 59 per cent never intentionally leave without it
  • Another survey found that the majority take their phones everywhere, even around the house, with 62 per cent admit to using it whilst on the toilet and 58 per cent keep it at the table whilst eating.

SPACE has now been downloaded by 1.5 million people looking to break the relentless screen time. The app doesn’t have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, instead it’s designed to help the individual meet specific goals through a variety of methods like:

  • Helping users understand the triggers for their current habits
  • Setting goals for new behaviours, then tracking progress against these goals over time
  • Providing tools, such as notification blocking and screen dimming to curb usage, whilst sending interruptions to nudge behaviour change
  • Facilitating a conversation about digital habits and how they make us feel.  

Georgie Powell CEO & Co-Founder of SPACE, said: “It’s not necessary to avoid using technology altogether but focusing on being in more control of when we use our devices is vital. Breaking out of any negative habits is challenging - in fact it takes time. Simply seeing your usage stats, or blocking yourself out for set periods is not enough. We need to understand the emotions that drive us to our phones and how they make us feel. Only then can we make sustained behaviour change. Our research shows that using SPACE can significantly improve feelings of work efficiency, productivity and creativity. By taking time to put your phone down, you’ll be more focused and present to enjoy life.

Find out more about SPACE and enjoy some time away from your phone.