A successful recruitment experience during COVID-19

Our senior consultant Victoria shares a recent successful recruitment experience and what the process has been like during COVID-19. 

As the world took a drastic turn early March 2020 due to COVID-19 - Bain and Gray had a new client approach them to help with a high-level EA appointment. A well-established communications company, with their HQ in Australia, had opened up a London office at the end of 2019 and had just appointed a new, global CEO to help lead their business through a new, exciting project in the UK. As such, he needed an experienced “all-singing, all-dancing” Executive Assistant to support him at the very highest level. He was looking for a business partner.

After an initial negotiation period, we began the process. Positions were going on hold, companies were understandably getting nervous about the future, people were worried (and still are) -  but not these guys – they were full steam ahead!  They had always planned to do their interviews online and so the change in situation really did not phase them in the slightest – after all, they are a global communications business!  They are all about sophisticated Tech and Comms...

The whole process from start to finish took about a month and the candidate started immediately.  All interviews were conducted online or via google teams/ Zoom. We had the initial on-line interview, followed by HR, and then lastly a meeting with the CEO.  An offer was made quickly and background checks were carried out. A laptop was delivered to the candidate on Friday, in preparation for a Monday start.

The candidate has started and is getting to grips with a new senior-level support role.  She is currently going through her “induction/ onboarding”  on line – again nothing new to for these guys.  She has a new focus and lease of life – she really was not expecting to secure such a fabulous role during COVID-19 Lockdown. The company is delighted and very much looking forward to its next phase of growth!

What I have learned from this experience as a recruiter? (I have been doing this a while and seen a bit!)... Positive things can happen during this awful time, a recruitment process can take place and candidates can be onboarded remotely, we can drive business forward together and do our bit to help the return to better times. 

Bain and Gray are very much here to help through this process -  adding value like never before, and delighted to do so!  The world is changing, companies are changing, strategy is reforming but the high-quality service we deliver comfortingly remains the same.  Do not stand still – there are excellent candidates out there who could really help make a difference and take away the stress and strain at this challenging time.  We are always here to assist and advise.