Top tips to being a Top Temp!

As the summer holiday season is fast approaching, the temp desk is booming with the need for effective and professional holiday cover. 

On the Temp Desk we felt that this was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate why short term temp work requires the same dedication and commitment as a permanent or long term temp role. We have put our heads together on the temp desk and created our tips for a great temp;


  1. Commitment! Commitment is potentially the most important aspect within any role, but particularly within a temp role. As a temp you are a crucial member of an office, whether it be a temporary cover, an interim role or assisting our clients when their office is at capacity – you are a integral figure within the office.
  2. Dress code! You never get a second chance to make a first impression. We meet with all of our clients before briefing our temps on a role and we will guide you on the office culture and attire. For example, a creative firm will have a very different dress code in comparison to a financial firm.
  3. A confident relationship builder – it can be daunting going into a temp role, once the initial hellos have been exchanged – introduce yourself at the water cooler or whilst making a cup of tea. The relationships you build whilst you are temping are so important as you never know what can come of them… A committed and proactive worker with a great attitude is never underappreciated!
  4. Flexibility – the temp desk moves at pace, we often work on roles with a only few hours notice, a top temp will have their phone to hand and keep us updated with their availability.
  5. Honesty! Temping is fun, we love working with our temps and have a variety of support roles within a breadth of industries – if we are briefing you on a role that doesn’t sound quite right let us know and we will do everything we can to find you the right temp role. Our temp roles have such a fabulous span from Reception to Team Assistant to Senior Executive Assistant within lovely offices, so there is something for everyone!


If you are looking to temp over the summer or interested in finding out more about temping with Bain and Gray, please get in touch and send us your CV;