Top tips for first jobbers!

Our Top Recruiters have provided their top 10 tips for any first jobber....

From arrival time to not getting the job, they have you covered:

  1. Be very open on the industries you will look at for your first role.  This is a foot in the door opportunity, and it is worth meeting as many companies as you can to get an idea of what suits you best.


  1. Add as much work experience as you can to your CV.  Employers love candidates who have worked during holidays and have taken on work experience.


  1. Always turn up well prepared to interviews – know your CV inside out, do your research on who you are meeting and know why you want the role!


  1. Take job specs with a pinch of salt – they rarely make the company come alive and you never really know what the culture/work environment is like until you have seen it for yourself.


  1. Do communicate with your consultant - let us know how your interview went, we don’t mind if you don’t think it’s right for you, but it will help your consultant make sure you are being contacted with the right sort of roles for you.


  1. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself at interviews and do smile!  You have one chance to make an impression.


  1. Advice is to turn up 5-10 mins early, no more for interviews.


  1. Give as much of your personality and answer with full sentences and lots of info about what you have been doing and not one word answers. But keep these answers relevant to the job you are interviewing for and not a dream job down the line.


  1. Always keep an open mind and don’t rule the role out if you feel one aspect wasn’t perfect.


  1. If you don’t get a job, don’t be discouraged, see the interview as a practice opportunity, and remember sometimes it won’t have anything to do with you it was just straight up not meant to be. That it can take time to get a job is alright!


And finally good luck!!