Welcome Flora!

Bain and Gray team

Meet our newest recruitment consultant, Flora! 

What’s your past experience?

For the past two years I was working in a creative talent agency which focused mainly on influencer talent – think chefs, artists, bloggers etc. I started out as an assistant to the two directors and then progressed to a junior agent. Before that I studied History of Art at Edinburgh University.

How did you hear about the role at Bain and Gray?

When I decided that I wanted to change careers I kept on meeting up with recruiters to help with my job search and I remember thinking – ‘I want your job!’ So then I literally googled ‘top boutique recruitment companies in London’ – and B&G came up immediately.  I went onto the B&G website and started reading about the company. I thought how nice it sounded that there was no cold calling! I saw the trainee role listed in the vacancy section of the website and sent off my CV. The rest is history!

What are you most looking forward to in the role?

I am excited about all the different industries I will be exploring and meeting a wide range of clients. I am also looking forward to creating strong relationships with candidates and the satisfaction of finding them their perfect role.

What would your advice be to anyone who wants to get into recruitment?

Find out which recruitment companies your friends have used and look them all up, see which companies look the most you. Then just get in touch with them and tell them how keen you are! Chances are that one from your list will be looking for an extra person to join their team.

When you’re not working, what do you like doing?

I am quite a culture vulture and love going to art exhibitions, theatre, listening to podcasts and reading. I have a nerdy book club with a group of friends, we meet up every month (over bottles of wine) to discuss the book – however usually the book is only spoken about for 30 mins max! I love cooking for friends on weekends and trying out new cocktail bars around London. One of my aims for this year is to get into yoga! I love planning trips abroad (who doesn’t?!) and have just come back from an amazing trip to Australia. This year I hope to save up to go to The Philippines.