Wellness Week 2017

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Bain and Gray Wellness Week 2017: Mental Health 

At Bain and Gray each year we have a wellness week centred around a theme we feel is important to our everyday wellbeing. This year our wellness week was based on mental health. We often neglect our mental health in comparison to other areas of our health because you can’t physically see it. While we would go to the doctor without question if we are injured or physically unwell, statistically it is far less likely that we would go because we are struggling mentally. Unfortunately, a lot of this is due to there still being a stigma around it meaning a lot us don’t quite know how to deal with feeling low or feel prepared to talk about it. Talking about our mental health is a therapy in itself and this week we did a lot of feel good activities and communicated with one another to really improve our general mood in these winter months! 

We had a wonderful speaker into the office, Tim Blakey, who discussed mental health, nutrition and exercise. While the talk covered so much, (I would be here all day writing about it) some keys points we took away from it was just how important a healthy gut is in order to have a healthy mind. A staggering 90percent of serotonin is made in the gut, this alone shows just how important eating the right foods is! Have a look at this blog written by Tim for more information: http://www.pr1mebody.com/news/2017/11/15/nutrition-and-men-s-mental-health-why-a-happy-gut-means-a-happy-mind, it really is very helpful in understanding the connection and the significance of nutrition. 

Some other points were:

  • Make sure you take Vitamin D supplements in the winter. Vitamin D is so vital for mental health and feeling good, a lack of it is a big cause of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in the winter. So many of us are deficient in the colder darker months because we just aren’t exposed to the sun.
  • Good fats are so good for the mind. Have a read of this, it is helpful for understanding the difference between good and bad fats. http://www.pr1mebody.com/news/
  • All year round the best feel good supplements to take are: a high-quality fish oil and a good quality plant based protein shake. Always keep fish oils in the fridge! Also, 5-HTP: is a pre-cursor to serotonin so these are also effective: *Do not take in combination with anti-depressants! http://www.pr1mebody.com/supplements/
  • Exercise is SO important for the mind and feeling great. Tim has a wonderful website with lots of tips and how to achieve the fitness results you want, feel free to take a look and do get in touch with him with any questions: http://www.pr1mebody.com/#packages


As well as our lovely talk, we went for a Pilates class yesterday at H2 Soho. Pilates is a wonderful way to stretch out the muscles in your body that you don’t usually use and it is a great stress reliever.

It was fun for the whole team to get out and do it together. We also have had lots of goodies in the office, such as healthy smoothies, fruit and cookies (maybe not as healthy but they did have feel good messages on them!), a lovely lunch at Dishoom and some great team activities.

We went to see A Killing of a Sacred Deer, which was fantastic. Going with the whole team eating lovely snacks and taking the afternoon off was a big morale boost, even if the film was a little dark! Just taking some time out to break up the routine of the week was a real mood lifter for us all.
All in all, I think we all felt it was our most successful Wellness Week yet! We posted everything we got up to over the week on our instagram - @bainandgray so definitely check it out!