When's the right time to look for a new job?

Don't let the time of year put you off job hunting!

The lead up to Christmas tends not to be an obvious time to start thinking of changing jobs. It’s a busy time of year, a social whirlwind and everyone is trying to tie up lose ends before offices shut for the festive period. It’s also the time that many employers announce (and pay) bonuses and review salaries.

Trends show that job hunting begins to take off again towards the end of January as people fulfil new year resolutions and look for a fresh start. For us at Bain and Gray, though, our clients show no signs of slowing down their recruitment process over Christmas and we still have lots of fresh roles coming through.

So, with this in mind, when is a good time to start looking for a new job? Should you start in December when others might be busy with others or do you wait until the New Year?

Ultimately, the answer to this is that it shouldn’t be measured by seasons or dates. We all know when we’ve reached our full potential, for both knowledge and salary, in a role and this is rarely dictated by the movement of the sun!

‘Before I set up Bain and Gray with Claire, I would generally stay in a role for about five years. By that point, I’d learned at much as I could and would need a new challenge,’ Emily, our co-founder, explains. ‘Now I’m a business owner, I’m constantly learning, expanding and growing in my role so, nearly ten years in, I happily haven’t reached that plateau yet! I’m really fulfilled in this role and learn from my team on a daily basis.’

Taking responsibility for your own career is, of course, important. If you’re thinking of moving on because you’re not challenged enough and perhaps unsatisfied as a result, have you done everything you can to ensure your company knows this? Are there promotions coming up or internal opportunities that you could be considered for? Have you put your head above the parapet and let your bosses know that you have reached your personal goals and want more?

These are all key questions to consider before you take the plunge to move on. Raising these questions or concerns with your boss can help change the situation and many will appreciate the honesty. At Bain and Gray, we’ve always helped our Office Managers and Resources find their next job out of the company or promoted them internally. Alice, who heads up our Temp Desk, started off as our Office Manager.

Although companies don’t like to see CVs where the candidate has moved around a lot – it indicates someone who can’t commit – Emily says that ‘spending two to three years in your first role is ample. It gives you the chances to really learn the ropes and gets your head around office life. By this point, you’ll be ready for your next challenge, perhaps a move into a different sector or moving up the career ladder.’ Our consultants often find that the skills you pick up in your first role set you up well for a more senior position, like a move from Team Assistant to Personal Assistant.

If you think you’re ready for a career change, don’t waste time waiting for the new year! You can come in and discuss your current situation, totally confidentially, with one of our fabulous consultants. They’ll give you all the advice you need on how they can help find you the perfect next job.

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