Work experience at Bain and Gray: Lauren Booth

After finishing my A levels in 2019 I knew I didn’t want to spend 3 years at university, but I was unsure what to do instead. So I took a gap year to help me figure out what to do next in life. During this time I found Oxford Media and Business School which was perfect for me.  I knew I wanted to go into work as soon as possible but I needed more skills and more qualifications which they provide in the form of a one-year Professional Business Diploma. Now coming to the end of the course, we have had to complete a work experience week for which I was lucky enough to be placed with Bain & Gray.

My first two days of work experience with Bain & Gray were done online with Claire very kindly looking after me. We started the week with a jobs meeting on Teams where everyone was so kind and inviting and hearing about the jobs they have going was so interesting. During my days spent with Claire, she helped me improve my CV hugely and feel so much more confident about applying for jobs.


The second half of the week I was lucky enough to be in the Bain & Gray offices in London helping Bryony. These few days have been so interesting, and I have gained so much invaluable experience.


This has given me a huge insight into the working world in London and I can’t thank Bain & Gray enough for making my work experience week so amazing and insightful. Now with one week left of OMBS and having done my work experience with Bain and Gray I feel so much more confident and excited about going into the workplace.