Interview Tips

At Bain and Gray, we want to support you as much as possible through your interview process. We are sure that many of the details below you may already be aware of, however we have put together some information that has come from a recent survey on employers on interview dress code.


So what should you wear to an interview?

The stats below show the percentage of employers that would not recruit someone based on the following;

  1. Short skirt (60%)
  2. Low neck lines (95%)
  3. Sport shoes (91%)
  4. Dangling jewellery (99%)
  5. Bare legs (94%)
  6. Big shoulder pads – 80’s style (97%)


Some other interesting facts

  1. 59% of interviewers say that stains and dirty marks will see you out of the interview room immediately.
  2. 36% of interviewers see co-ordination of colours and styles as an important indication of the candidate’s personality.
  3. 75% of interviewers will look at whether your clothes are ‘appropriate for the circumstances’.
  4. 33% of interviewers said they would consider whether the candidate’s style suited their organisation.
  5. 95% of interviewers said orange was an inappropriate colour to wear to an interview, with red (84%) and pink (83%) coming closely behind orange.


We hope that you find this information helpful and we are happy to support you in any way that we can.


Good luck with your interview!