Download Forms for your Job Application

At Bain and Gray, we value our temporary candidates and joining our Temp Team gives you added benefit including:

1. A friendly, honest and efficient service.

2. Temp bookings that suit you.

3. Competitive top rates of pay.

4. Efficient payment into your bank account the week following your bookings.

5. In some cases, an opportunity to turn a temporary booking into a permanent job!

In order, to get you out working, we need the following information from you.  Please print off the following: 

1. BANK FORM – please fill this in as accurately as you can. This is in order for us to pay you directly into your bank account.  Please note it is your ACCOUNT NUMBER we need NOT the number across the middle of your card.

Download Bank Form

2. TEMP CONTRACT – this may read rather lengthy but it is the most recent, accurate and legally correct document that you are required to read and sign in order to temp for us.  Any questions, please do call!

Canidate Contract

3. P45/P46 – You will need to request a P45 from your last employer. This should take a matter of days to raise and get to you.  If you cannot get your P45 for any reason, then follow the P46 on our web and print off, fill in (ticking one of the appropriate statements A, B or C and Box D if appropriate) and sign. If you do not have a National Insurance Number, you can call the National Insurance Registrations Helpline on 0845 91 57006 0r 0845 91 55670. Should you have any queries regarding your tax please contact the Tax Office or go on-line Without either a P45 or P46 submitted to us, you will be on emergency tax.

Download P46

You can send all the above information back by post, scan in and email to 


• TIMESHEET – Please fill in at the end of the week or the assignment and TOTAL up the hours before you get it signed and sent back to us.  The payroll is done on Monday so we need them emailed to us by Monday 11am. Scan in the timesheet and email to

• If we don’t get your timesheet, or receive it without a signature, then you will not get paid.

• PAYSLIPS are available at You will be given passwords and pin numbers to access these and they will accessible to download the Friday after you temp. This is your account and you will be able to access and download a history of payslips whilst temping at Bain and Gray.

Download Equal Opportunities Policy

Download Complaints Policy

Download Data Protection Policy