A good receptionist is a key part of any business, and is often underestimated in the role they play and the impact they have in an office. The reception area of a company reflects the brand, the style, the staff and the work the company do, and it is crucial that the right impression is made and the one you want to convey. The receptionist is the first person any visitor will come into contact with, and their manner, professionalism, presentation and warmth all reflect on your brand. Receptionists are responsible for answering calls, so they must be articulate, friendly and have bags of common sense, be able to screen calls and maximise your time with the callers you need and want. They are responsible for meeting rooms, so they must be organised, and have the strength of character to effectively manage and prioritise premium space in the office. They must be well presented, calm and people focussed; a receptionist who remembers a name and something about a regular visitor will always make a lasting impression and make key people you work with feel valued and important when they arrive. A good receptionist will take pride in the reception area they manage. Neglected plants and flowers, messy newspapers and magazines, and unkempt seating all serve to downgrade your brand before a person has even met anyone. A friendly, professional person to take your coat, offer you a drink and let you know that your arrival has been announced is invaluable and not to be underestimated.

The recruitment process to search for good receptionists in the London employment market is key, as it must factor in many attributes that are not always immediately evident on CVs. A bright, personable, well presented, articulate and professional person does not always come across on a CV, and in a buoyant job market, it requires exceptional recruitment experience to filter the best talent. The Bain and Gray interview registration process allows us to spend time with the candidates, find out what motivates them, and gives us a unique insight into their professionalism and abilities through our expertise and experience. This enables us to give you the best shortlist for your vacancy, ensuring you meet only the highest calibre and don’t waste your time. All candidates meet more than one consultant when they register, which allows different opinions and competency based interview styles to screen the candidates, and also allows the team to brainstorm effectively in searches. This allows us to shortlist our candidates in a way that a database is simply not able to.

The meeting our Consultants have with you at your London office prior to a search is crucial. It maximises our understanding of your business, how it works, who your clients are, the footfall through your reception area, the nature and level of the visitors; and it also allows us to gain a unique insight into the ‘fit’ that is so key to the search for your perfect receptionist. They are ‘the face’ of your company and they are your brand personified. This cannot be underestimated and we are experts in seeking out the very best talent for your office and reception area.

We work on a true one to one basis giving you a bespoke service based on a thorough understanding of your business ethos.  We look deeper than a Job Brief, we look at office culture, personalities and your needs to ensure the perfect match in the shortest time.

Please feel free to contact us on 020 7036 2030 to discuss your recruiment needs.

Listed below are our latest receptionist vacancies in London:


We are seeking a polished, loyal and committed receptionist with additional duties to support a well-established legal organisation in High Holborn.  

Location: Central London Pay: £28-32000 per annum, depending on experience Job role: Receptionist Job type: Permanent