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Are you seeking a career within an organisation that will support you to continually grow and develop?  Do you have Integrity, Emotional Intelligence and a natural client facing skillset, but crave a more autonomous and mature working culture?  All the Consultants at Bain and Gray approached us to work here having heard of our reputation in the market and looking for something different…

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Bain and Gray are different in many ways. The main reason consultants seek to join us is because we are not like other agencies in the secretarial recruitment market.   We know this because our Consultants tell us, and because both Founding Directors have worked for other agencies in our market.

Our Consultants do not work to sales targets.  Of course they are all keen to continually increase their remuneration and have a personal objective to aspire to.  However, the emphasis for Consultants at Bain and Gray is about quality and service, this is for both our Clients and our Candidates.  Because of this, many of our Clients only use us as they have no need to reach out further, this speaks for itself.  Many of our Candidates choose to only register with us because they are trusted, understood and genuinely and expertly advised with their search.  So it only makes sense that our Consultants are successful because of the service they provide and the trust that exists in all aspects of our business.

We do not micro manage our Consultants, we appreciate and positively encourage their own unique style and service.  We do invest time training our Consultants the ‘Bain and Gray way’.  This is a unique and refined training specifically based around our values and reputation.  All of us are continually learning and every situation is handled with the integrity and trust that runs right through our office and work ethic.  Huge value is put on this, as our people are our most important asset, and we never forget that.  Whether it is our staff, our Candidates or our Clients.  Bain and Gray is focussed on the human element.  On every level, recruitment is about people.

Bain and Gray is a boutique agency, which allows us to work as a cohesive and happy team.  Every Consultant is supported by the team, and every shortlist is brainstormed with the team.   We reward individuals with commission on their sales monthly, and in addition to this we have a quarterly team bonus, everyone gets this regardless of individual performance because every member of the team at Bain and Gray is important, and plays their part. 

We reward our team generously with training, incentives, we run the Wellness Week program and take time to create unique and enjoyable days out for them.


Senior Recruitment Consultant with experience.  Salary to be discussed on a case by case basis, with excellent commission structure and quarterly team bonus.

All the consultants at Bain and Gray, chose to join us from other agencies because we are different.  We do not micro manage, and we appreciate each Consultant has their own working style and method of recruiting.  At Bain and Gray we are unique in our approach to the service we give to our Clients, in that our ethos is based on trust and our Consultants are not pressured to make sales in a hard drive towards targets.  We believe this allows for an incredible quality of service to both our Clients and Candidates and builds long lasting relationships and reputation in the market.  Working for Bain and Gray is outlined in more detail below with testimonials from our Consultants, if you would like to be considered for a Consultant role at Bain and Gray, please send CVs to or

Recruitment Consultant - Temp Division

We are seeking a temps consultant to join our Hot Temps Desk. Working alongside one other fantastic consultant, you will be helping run our Temp Division. Managing a wonderful team of candidates from receptionists to senior PAs, you will be resourcing for roles, writing ads, interviewing, placing candidates and meeting clients externally.   Bain and Gray recruit for a very wide variety of industries from marketing, finance, film, private households, consultancy to tech.  We provide an exceptionally high service to both candidates and clients and pride ourselves on our extremely successful relationships. Ideally, you would have some experience in recruitment, or sales and have experience in a client facing role. This is a busy, fun, results driven job and would suit someone who loves helping people, networking, being busy and problem solving.  Bain and Gray provide extensive in-house training, we pay extremely well, and have a really fun, teamy culture. Please send CV's to or




Managing Consultant, Olivia Coughtrie discusses her reasons for joining Bain and Gray




We felt that the best endorsement for us is actually from the Consultants who have chosen to join us, all from competitors in our market….

“I joined Bain and Gray as I had become disenchanted with the ‘salesy’ approach that some other agencies apply, and Bain and Gray promised a consultative and mature approach to recruitment. Upon joining Bain and Gray I realised how true this was. We work with clients and candidates to ensure we achieve the best outcome for all parties, building strong relationships and mutual respect along the way. The job satisfaction and general enjoyment of our role is clear to see in all the Consultants here, and it shows in the service we provide.”

Tamsin Francescon, Permanent Consultant


“Working for Bain and Gray is like a breath of fresh air!  The inclusive and team environment stripped of competitive sales targets leads for a much smoother recruitment process for both Candidates and Clients that come to Bain and Gray for assistance.  I feel that the emphasis in the office is about working together as a team rather than about self-gratification and this is reflected in the high success rate across the company.  Although I have been at Bain and Gray for only a short time, I already feel part of the Bain and Gray family.”

Camilla Pearce, Permanent Consultant


"I joined Bain and Gray a little over 4 months ago after working for competitors in the Secretarial market for 4 years. Working for a boutique agency is something I have always done because I feel the level of care and service is so much higher than larger, faceless agencies. I was so delighted when my Rec to Rec told me there was a position available at Bain and Gray to manage and run their temporary desk due to the fact I knew Bain and Gray had an excellent market reputation with clients and candidates, always going above and beyond to secure their clients with exceptional talent in the market .

I also joined Bain and Gray for the people; I work with a wonderful team, all of whom pride themselves on being consultative and always deliver an exceptional service. We have a beautiful office, right in the heart of Soho, that is so light and bright. We are all likeminded professional women and we have such fun in the office.

Working for Bain and Gray allows me to work autonomously, manage a very busy temp desk and learn from other experienced consultants all of whom know the market incredibly well. Working here has made me realise how fortunate I am to work with some exceptional Clients and Support Professionals.

My only regret is not joining the team sooner ! I could have spent the last four years here, learning my craft and market."

Charlotte Hope, Temps Consultant


Please contact Emily Bain or Claire Gray to find out more.