The start of hiring a new employee can feel daunting however with these simple but important tips you’ll be able to enter the process with confidence and structure.

  1. Salary - It might sound obvious but the salary for your new employee should match the market rate, the best candidates won’t be interested in less. Bain and Gray have made this easy for you and conduct an annual salary survey to help.
  2. Involve Key Stakeholders - Involve all the key stakeholders in the interview process even if it takes a little longer, it’s key for everyone to feel involved and feel like the new person has the right skills and personality fit.
  3. Use a Recruitment Agency - Work with a recruitment consultant specialised in the job or industry area, they’ll be able to not only give you access to the best candidates for your role but give you the best advice and take the stress and coordination out of your search. Bain and Gray will be able to help you in your business support needs.
  4. Keep it Streamlined - Don’t leave candidates waiting around for weeks between interviews: the best candidates aren’t looking for long!
  5. Be Open Minded - Think about what skills you need and what can be taught, sometimes the perfect candidate doesn’t exist, but you can create them when you give people the tools to learn.