Work experience at Bain and Gray: Lauren Booth

My first two days of work experience with Bain & Gray were done online with Claire very kindly looking after me. We started the week with a jobs meeting on Teams where everyone was so kind and inviting and hearing about the jobs they have going was so interesting. During my days spent with Claire, she helped me improve my CV hugely and feel so much more confident about applying for jobs.


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by Alice
June 4, 2021
At Bain and Gray, we’re proud to recruit some of the best graduates in London into top jobs in a range of industries.
by Alice
May 14, 2021
Claire Gray 
by Alice
May 12, 2021
On reflection, I have not found the last year easy.  Everyone at home trying to juggle homeschooling, a very challenging work schedule, and covid going round our house – mercifully with no lasting
by Alice
May 7, 2021
Bain and Gray have become established in the market for finding exceptional Graduate First Jobbers, Junior Personal Assistants and Junior Office Assistants for our Clients. Our unique and ongoing r
by Bryony
April 30, 2021
We have identified this virtual assistant need in response to a significant change in the way our clients are working and running their businesses and companies, including a requirement for more fl
by Alice
April 9, 2021
We all know there are many reasons you might fancy booking an outdoor restaurant in London as of Monday 12th April.