Creating A Workplace Culture That Manages Stress

The past few years have seen many developments within company workplaces, such as the introduction of various employee benefit schemes (shared paternity leave, for example). There has also been a huge increase in awareness of mental health. Research carried out by CABA in 2020 found that 4 in 10 employees are almost at breaking point at work.

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by Alice
January 15, 2021
A company’s culture is made up of its goals, values, personality, attitudes and practices. Its culture is essentially the ethos of the company.
by Alice
January 7, 2021
For many of us starting the new year means new resolutions, as we move out of 2020, we hope that self-care is your first priority.
by Alice
December 31, 2020
Moving into 2021 is a really exciting time on the Bain and Gray temp desk and we would be delighted to hear from you if you are looking to utilise and learn new skills and find your next challenge.
by Alice
December 18, 2020
In our final webinar of 2020, with our candidate community, we shared our knowledge on what we see happening with the current job market and how this will impact them in the workplace or job search
by Alice
December 11, 2020
At Bain and Gray, we speak to our candidates on a daily basis about interview experience and how to answer some of those tricky questions that get asked!
by Alice
October 23, 2020
How important is it to work in a job you love? We think it’s essential!
by Alice
October 2, 2020
1. Be selective about your social platforms
by Alice
September 9, 2020
Attitude is everything.