Looking for a temp role?

If you want to explore different jobs and industries, or work short term between travelling or other projects, working as a temp is a great way to do it. Whether a career temp, earning extra money during university holidays or broadening your employment experience, we can help you find a role.

We take as much care finding you temporary work as we do with those looking for permanent work, so we place you only on assignments that fit your experience, skills and availability. If you want continuity, we try, wherever possible, to put you back with companies you have temped with before. When you are on an assignment with us, we act as your employer and we look after you. If you have any questions about how temping works, please email our team temps@bainandgray.com

Whether you are looking for temporary work as a secretary, PA, EA, receptionist or office manager, we take pride in finding the best job opportunities with some of the leading organisations and best employers in and around London. Sectors we cover, inter alia, include financial services, management consultancy, executive search, new technology, retail, entertainment, hospitality, education, health and government. We also place temps with private households and high-net-worth individuals.

Bookings vary from one day to one year. Sometimes it’s holiday or sickness cover, sometimes a one-off project. It may be a long-term booking or contract, and it can often open doors to a permanent job, so is well worth considering as part of your job search process.

What makes a good temp?

A good temp is someone who has a flexible, ‘can-do’ attitude, who is willing to turn their hand to anything, and who enjoys variety. You must be confident in your skills and quick to learn. We will never put you in a booking where you are out of your depth, but the more skills and confidence you have, the more temp bookings we can consider you for. Some of our best temp candidates remain in work continuously, and get asked back to the same companies over and over again, because they are remembered for their commitment as much as for the quality of their work.

Joining as a Bain and Gray temp

If you would like to temp through us, please keep an eye on our jobs here on the website, or submit your CV to temps@bainandgray.com

Please follow Links our carefully curated platform for our candidate community keeping you up to date with market news, insights, podcasts, events and our directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Temping is a short-term period of work, where a candidate is employed through a recruitment agency, on their payroll and paid hourly for the work they provide.

Temping is a great way to gain practical experience in a wide range of fields.

If you are right at the start of your career there is no better way to gain experience! You will learn a variety of transferable skills – many of which are essential in almost every field. If you are in between roles, temping is a great way to keep busy, earning and is a strong talking point in interviews. And, with many temp roles leading to a permanent position, it could be the foot in the door you need!

Read more helpful advice for PAs looking temp

Are you an experienced candidate looking for a new challenge, or looking for a role in a different industry, or looking for your first role?

Working as a temp is a brilliant way to explore different industries and companies. Our temp roles span Reception, Team Assistant, Personal Assistant and Executive Assistant opportunities.

We have exciting roles coming through daily and are actively looking for candidates who are available immediately.

Our temporary roles will include but by no means be limited to:

· Project support

· Diary management

· Inbox management

· Email correspondence

· Travel booking

· Working across multiple time zones

· Board support

· Meeting preparation

· Private support

· Administration support

· Database management

· Reporting

Temping is a great way to keep busy whilst searching for your next permanent position and to gain experience within a new industry.

Yes. Absolutely! At Bain and Gray we work as a team and share candidates across both our Temporary and Permanent Divisions.

If you are temping and seeking a perm role, keep us updated on your interviews and what stage you are at, we can then manage this accordingly with the client. Clear and open communication is essential for us to best represent you and your search.

We ask our Temps for 1 weeks courtesy notice.

Before registering as a candidate we ask everyone to send through their CV via temps@bainandgray.com

On receipt of your CV, our Temp Team will assess your skills and experience and if we believe we are best placed to assist you and your search, we will contact you to arrange a candidate registration via a video call or in person at our offices.

Please note we receive a high volume of CVs on a daily basis so sadly we are not able to come back to all candidates.

The temp starter information we send to you is important as it relates to legislation to protect you in the workplace and helps you understand how Employment Business’s work as well as detailing your rights in the work place. It explains how you will be paid and ensures that you have a clear understanding of the type of work you have been assigned to do. Please take time to read through the documents carefully and ask your consultant if you are not sure about anything.

No, there is no fee to temp with Bain and Gray.

As a Bain and Gray Candidate we aim to make sure you hear about the best temp jobs for you. This is coupled with our expertise and advice, as well as guiding you through every stage of your job search.

We will support you throughout the job search and offer our guidance and recruitment expertise on everything from:

  • Detailed information about the client, type of role, and duration of the temporary booking
  • Interview preparation and process
  • What to wear
  • Follow up after the interview and what comes next

We offer advice and market insight so you have all that you need to secure the role you want.

We can never guarantee how long the job hunting and interview process will take. This can be dependant on many factors: from the type of role you are looking for, to your experience, to the time of year!

Please feel free to call and update us with your working situation, particularly if your circumstances change or if you would like to send us your updated CV. Our temp roles move very quickly, please make sure you regularly let us know your availability via phone and email. Communication with us is vital and can make a huge difference between getting a temporary assignment or not!

FAQs for current temps

Timesheet Queries

Monday 11am for the previous week's work.

You will be given a contact name by your Bain and Gray consultant and in most cases this is the person who will approve your timesheet. Please check this is the case and also who would be able to approve should the individual be absent from the business on the day of approval. If you are not certain please contact your Bain and Gray consultant who will be able to help.

All timesheets must be signed for you to be paid!

Payment Queries

Timesheets are processed the week following the one you have just worked. This means you are paid 1 week in arrears. If you have completed your timesheet within the deadline, we guarantee payment by Friday of that week.

Please complete your timesheet as soon as possible so there is plenty of time for the line manager to authorise it. You will receive a weekly pay slip detailing the hours or days worked, rate of pay and statutory deductions such as Income tax, National Insurance.

You will receive a link from myePayWindow, click through and set up your portal, your payslips and pay details will be uploaded here weekly.

Holiday pay is paid every hour/day you work on top of the basic hourly/daily pay rate. Temporary workers are entitled to holiday pay in line with their permanent counterparts, as per the Agency Worker Regulations, we are accruing your holiday pay on your behalf. This means that when you mutually agree days leave, you will have accrued holiday pay and can request this is paid out to you whenever you wish.

To opt out of the NEST pension scheme and receive a full refund, you will need to do so within 30 days of being enrolled. If you have missed the 30 day opt out window, you can still opt out and cease contributions at any point.

To opt out electronically:


To opt out over the phone:

0300 0200 090

We suggest having your NI number, and personal information to hand before making contact with the provider.

If you qualify for SSP and your absence from work is over 7 days, you will need to provide a doctor’s note.

If your absence from work is under 7 days, you will need to provide us with a Self-Certification note, which must be completed: LC Forms (hmrc.gov.uk)

If you are unwell, please CALL your consultant by phone as early as possible but ideally no later than 1 hour before your scheduled start time so that we can inform the company if you are ill.

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