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At the very pinnacle of the business support roles are Chief of Staff positions.

Chief of Staff roles are instrumental in uniting teams across organisations to get everyone working towards a common goal. They are leaders of teams and a right hand to top tier C-suite executives, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, politicians and High Net Worth private individuals.

Recent Chief of Staff jobs we have placed in London have been;

  • At Board Level in large blue chip organisations
  • For High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals
  • For heavily funded fast growing start ups
  • In boutique finance companies

Career Paths for a Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff candidates can come via a number of routes into these roles. One is progressing your career as a personal assistant to an executive assistant role and taking on projects and more responsibility as you progress in your role. Another, with a more operations bias is via the office manager, operations assistant route, again taking on more company wide projects as you gain experience in your role.

Another pathway into a Chief of Staff role is via a different industry with transferable skills including;

  • Project management
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Outstanding leadership skills

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of years’ experience can vary. Typically individuals in these roles will have built a successful career over a minimum of 8 years or more.

A chief of staff’s role varies from organisation to organisation. One common factor for these roles is the execution of your executive’s responsibilities. A deep understanding of the business and the network within an organisation is crucial to the success of this role and ultimately the success of your working relationship with your executive.

Chief of Staff roles are typically the right hand of the executive they are working for. They will usually handle key projects on behalf of their boss or the organisation as a whole. Alongside any projects they will oversee the efficiencies of work being done on their bosses behalf. Take responsibility for management of staff, oversee strategic initiatives, daily operations and build relationships.

It really depends on the individual and other resource around the person or organisation. Many Chief of Staff roles have an Executive Assistant they are working alongside that will do more of the administrative support required for the individual they are working for. Leaving the Chief of Staff to concentrate on the execution of projects. Other Chiefs of Staff role might be a combination of project work and PA tasks.

In some organisations, Chief of Staff roles and Executive Assistant roles are fairly interchangeable. Both Chief of Staff and Executive Assistants both need excellent knowledge of the organisation and how it works. It only tends to be that an individual or firm will have both these positions in post when the executive’s responsibility are complex and perhaps even across a number of organisations.

This will be in the range of £100-£125,000 per annum. Take a look at our salary survey to see how this salary banding differs across industries.

Yes! It can be a great move into a more project based role. Pathways to this role can come from a range of backgrounds, the Executive Assistant is one of these, but candidates can come from a services background or accounting.

Increasingly, job titles and job content are getting murkier across industries, and even across different organisations. That said, the Chief of Staff role is largely a 'number two' to the key player in the company. A good hire into this role will mean the efficiencies and operation of the business runs smoothly, communication is well executed and morale is high.

Along with the successful execution of projects and a deep understanding of culture within the organisation, excelling in this role will be largely down to the relationships you build. Getting trust and aligning purpose on project goals or strategic objectives is one certain why to expediate getting the job done. Thanking people along the way; it is such a simple point, but so effective and true of all roles not just this one. It means co-workers will be happy to pull together for you to help you get your project done.

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