Anyone else notice the sharp drop in temperature over the weekend? We can all agree that the warm summer is now firmly behind us with the sun setting before the end of office hours and attentions turning towards the cozy refuge of warmer coats, the aroma of pumpkin spiced lattes, and the promise of ample time to indulge in a good book.

As London’s parks transform into a lush canvas of burnt oranges and deep reds, it is time to retrieve the blanket from the cellar, switch on that soft lighting and indulge in sweet comforting treats. Here at Bain and Gray, we are thrilled to unveil our curated selection of this season’s finest reads; atmospheric plots spanning from heart-warming tales to stories that are sure to send shivers down your spine.

‘Beneath a Scarlett Sky' - Mark Sullivan

Betsy Grigson

Betsy is spending her weekends away from the hustle and bustle of a very busy London. In the comfort of those long train journeys home, she has sunk her teeth into this moving masterpiece. It made her laugh; it made her cry and even gave her the occasional shiver! Based on a true story of a forgotten hero, ‘Beneath a Scarlett Sky’ is a triumphant tale of one young man’s incredible courage and resilience during one of the most tumultuous and tragic periods in history. A truly inspirational choice that will highlight the strength of the human spirit whilst thoroughly exploring themes including love, sacrifice, and the moral dilemmas of war.

‘Heaven’ - Mieko Kawakami

Neve Iredale

As one of Bain and Gray’s keenest readers, Neve never leaves the house without a book and this time she has chosen the work of this internationally praised Japanese authors who is best known for her exceptional literary craftsmanship and a unique, resonant voice. Neve describes this as a stunningly written story set in the 1990’s that follows two adolescents as they endure a heart wrenching amount of bullying and build a companionship based on care. A breath-taking commentary on meaning, determinism, and friendship that will probably leave you in tears, but not entirely out of sadness.

‘I am not as well as I thought’ - Ruby Wax

Claire Gray

Claire has been enjoying the turn of the season in Gloucestershire with the latest work of Ruby Wax. Claire describes it as an honest, typically funny, and insightful diary of Ruby’s breakdown and her search for recovery. The success of this book lies in the author’s glowing personality and profound insight despite the darkest of moments and any reader will be in awe of Ruby’s capacity to embrace life at a hundred miles an hour. Claire was lucky enough to hear her talk at the Cheltenham Literary Festival this year and was reminded of her incredible humility that shines through the book. She has a huge heart, and her observations of people are just brilliant.

‘The Winner Stands Alone’- Paulo Coelho

Liza Shashenkova

Alongside pumpkin carving and painting in her new home along the East coast of Kent, Liza has recently turned to her favourite author, Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist) for further philosophical and spiritual insight. ‘The Winner Stands Alone’ may have mixed review on Goodreads but Liza cannot give enough kudos to the book’s clever satirical commentary of superficiality, materialism, and our society’s obsession with fame. One of her favourite quotes from the book include ‘...we’re being suffocated by lies, encouraged to put our faith in science rather than in spiritual values and to feed our souls with the things society tells us is important, when, in reality, we’re slowly dying because we know what’s going on around us, that we’re being forced to do things we never planned to do, and yet even so, are incapable of giving it all up and devoting our days and nights to true happiness, to family, to nature, to love.’