Attitude is everything.

We have recently placed several junior roles requiring less than 6 months experience for each (and a good chunk of this experience was gained throughout studies or alongside studying). One thing all employers look for without exception, is a proactive, positive approach in the workplace. That is obvious, you are thinking, except you would be surprised at the number of candidates that walk into interviews with an expectation of ‘what’s in it for them’.

Employers are typically looking for strong administration skills at entry level, and that is why the Oxford Media and Business School is a great place to formalise these skills and show future employers your capabilities. However, with strong competition and a larger number of candidates looking for fewer roles it is more important than ever to stand out. Before you interview, ensure you prepare well. Write down your top 3 strengths and try and find examples of why these will be useful in the role. Acknowledge any areas of development when interviewing and ensure these are a good fit for what training is offered in the role, or the wider organisation.

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