How to Become a Celebrity PA: Our Step-by-Step Guide

Without a doubt, some of the popular permanent and temporary jobs we get are the celebrity PA roles. Since you are reading this article, I assume you are considering it yourself.

Who would not love to see themselves as the right hand to a famous actress, an a-list singer, an international artist, an influencer, or entrepreneur? Jet-setting and mingling with the elite at extravagant private soirees aside, this does not come without hard work and perseverance.

Landing one of these roles can take time and the competition is fierce! If you can handle a 24/7 standby and the complexities that come with a high-profile individual’s life, we are delighted to outline a plan of action to help propel you into those shortlists.

Step 1: Assess your current skills and experience and understand if they are right for a role of this nature

Does your CV have the relevant experience?

This can be difficult to hear but these clients tend to have a solid understanding of what they want and expect the highest of standards. Getting a healthy dose of PA experience e.g., in a financial firm to c-suite or to an UHNW individual, is almost a necessity (keep an eye on our job board as we are never short of these opportunities) so start working your way up. You can also consider PR firms and spots at entertainment companies to get a proper understanding of the industry you are most likely to be dealing with.

The 5 Skills PAs Need to Shine:

(1) Organisation skills need to be impeccable: Demonstrate capabilities in keeping everything under strict control in a complex corporate eco-system or across various time zones.

(2) You should be able to multitask without thinking twice: Demonstrate your ability to manage several things at a time and be ready to describe how you cope under pressure.

(3) Have strong problem-solving capabilities: A high-profile individual will tend to have difficult requests or a demanding schedule which will require you to know how to fulfil their needs whilst working independently. Know how to think outside the box and be ready to deliver what seems like the impossible!

(4) Have exceptional research skills: Whether it is a private jet service, a high-end restaurant in a remote location or the best seamstress in London or LA, be prepared to have an efficient system where you can come up with the best solutions in a short space of time.

(4) Discretion needs to be one of your core values: It is the upmost importance to protect the personal life of your employer. The best way to assess this character trait in yourself is having a look at your social media - are you easy to find? are you public? how much about your life are you willing to share?

How can I gain these skills?

Working in a demanding PA role prior to this can give you the ability to master these skills and prepare you for this kind of a job. It will also give you the opportunity to shine at an interview; outlining how you have successfully demonstrated the skills above in your previous roles.

Step 2: Whilst you obtain the relevant work experience, what else can you be doing to make your CV stand out?

Take advantage of the power of networking:

Whilst you prep yourself to become a front-running candidate, take the opportunity to network. Attending entertainment, the arts or other relevant events and conferences could potentially connect you to celebrity representatives. There are two reasons this is important:

  1. Once you have landed your dream role, it does not hurt to have your own personal black book of industry relevant professionals (agents, managers, publicists etc). This is a perfect opportunity for me to remind you to bookmark our Links directory for all PA needs.

  2. You gain insider knowledge about different celebrities and their teams. Understanding their work, projects and who they typically hire will allow you to identify opportunities and tailor a unique approach.

Build a LinkedIn page an A-lister would love!

If you were a celebrity and looking at your own LinkedIn, would you hire yourself? High profile individuals value dedication, trustworthiness, punctuality, and professionalism.

Before getting active with the application process, ensure that your profile radiates an ability to handle high-pressure situations and confidentiality through your skills, experience, and achievements. We recommend following additions to a glowing potential candidate: house management skills, social media skills, IT skills, even PR skills.

Step 3: The Application Process

Overall, this job is certainly not for everyone, but it can be exceptionally rewarding for those administrative professionals who are ready to take their PA experience to the next level. This 1:1 role means it is inevitable you will develop a close relationship with your employer and there will be a high level of trust.

We have regular PA opportunities in our pipeline throughout the year. Do keep an eye on our job board, our LinkedIn profile page or even send us an email on and we will be in touch to discuss your experience in further detail or put you forward to any suitable roles. Be patient, positive and continue to source opportunities in the meanwhile refining the skills necessary.