International Womens Day, this year embracing a more equitable workplace for Women.

Leading an office of strong and talented women at Bain and Gray, I feel proud of our team, and it feels good to know that there have been important gains in representation in the last few years. However, it is disappointing that we're still a long way from equality given recent research. It always gives me a feeling of pride when influential women I come across in my work life, routinely comment how lovely it is to walk into an office full of women, but this always makes me feel a little sad that this is still a relatively unusual set up in the workplace, surely this unusual situation needs to change. I would like a more diverse office, however, we are still clearly quite unusual being a strong female team.

Recent research by Lean In, has shown that bias contributes to women being passed over for jobs and promotions, and almost 60% of women regularly experience microaggressions at work. That is a staggeringly high percentage in 2023 and it must change, women in the workplace are shown to be a force for good, and influence decision making in many positive ways.

Additionally, for many women, finding meaningful support at work is a major challenge. About 20% of women say they’re often the only woman in the room at work, how can this by right when we make up half the population and in the UK where education and career opportunity should be accessible for everyone. We have women of all ages working in the Bain and Gray office, and I do know first hand that women coming back into work after having children have to meet huge childcare costs to allow them to return to work. This doesn’t feel the right way to improve equity and encourage women back into the workplace, and is surely counterproductive for the economy and the future of women reaching their potential in the workplace.

Knowing that these issues exist isn’t enough. We all need to take action and #EmbraceEquity — on International Women’s Day and beyond.

Lean In’s research-backed programs help companies create inclusive workplace cultures and connect women with the mentorship and guidance they need to reach their goals.

Help empower one another to learn more and drive real change by downloading and using the free IWD 2023 Lean In toolkits https://www.internationalwomen...