*Remember, drink responsibly and prioritise your safety

Life is more fun when there are reasons to celebrate! May Bank Holiday 2.0 may be over but today is the day we ditch the city’s standard choice of prosecco and white wine and pay tribute to the ultra-feminine, ever-iconic Cosmopolitan! No matter where your office is based, I have outlined some of London’s top choices where a lady can celebrate a productive start to the week with a gorgeous cocktail that is soaked in history, one that originally made its way into the New York social scene in the late 1990s; a time when flared bottoms and Fendi baguettes were the talk of the town.

Some Fun Facts

Most of our online readership will tend to skip this part however nothing makes that sip more satisfying than when you have an appreciation for its legacy. I have some delightful facts which can make for interesting dinner conversation starting with the fact that the Cosmopolitan originated from the 1930’s Daisy; a sweeter version composed of gin, Cointreau, lemon juice and raspberry syrup. Those with refined palettes will potentially flinch at the idea of a potent fusion of gin and syrup...and rightly so! The Daisy never qualified as a hit until Toby Cecchini, a bartender from Tribeca’s hottest nightspot, the Odean, added that electric kick that transformed it from a monotonous choice to the timeless classic (not to mention Carrie Bradshaw’s first choice from Sex and the City!).

Mayfair: Sketch 9 Conduit St, London W1S 2XG

Book here: www.sketch.london

Sketch is a personal favourite. Who does not come here for the installations, curtesy of London’s hottest contemporary artists? Aside from the creative dishes in the Main Gallery (may I remind you that many of us still rave about those expressos served in a whimsical rubber cup) we have the equally eclectic pod bar which is guaranteed to serve you up a pink dose of perfection. Highly Instagrammable, highly worth it for an outer worldly experience to spruce up a Tuesday evening.

Soho: Martinez 49 Greek St, London W1D 4EG

Book here: www.martinezlondon.com

Given the Cosmo had its roots in the Big Apple, why not immerse yourself in the authentic Tribeca experience with the refined craftsmanship of master mixologists? Martinez is a private member’s cocktail lounge in Soho that offers a complimentary trial for yourself and guest (potentially one to add to a list of recommendations for your boss). This airy, hidden New York style loft offers live entertainment, the timeless classics, the forgotten and extraordinary nibbles designed by Michelin star chef, Hervé Deville. I recommend getting that reservation in quick!

East London: Happiness Forgets and Ever After 9 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU

Book here: www.happinessforgets.com

For those of us working in London’s Silicon Valley or in the City but would like something a little bohemian, Hoxton is tonight’s destination. Ever heard of a dive bar? Well neither had I but I know that this one if the most polished and intriguing of the few there are (plus its discreet location keeps it tucked away from crowds of loud trendy youngsters) leaving you to soak up its atmospheric, low-key energy. What is the key selling point? This is a place where you can get a bit creative and challenge the mixologist to make you a cosmopolitan to cater to your personal taste. It would be great to hear what they came up with!