It is with great pleasure that we introduce our first seasonal style guide especially curated for our expanding network of personal assistants, executive assistants, administrative staff and candidates. What better season could we ask for to kick this project off than Spring? We bring to you a breath of fresh inspiration with the help of fashion buyer, Suki Webster and Wandsworth based boutique, Olivier’s Lounge. This season’s theme we focus on providing guidance to a frequently asked question from our candidates: what should I wear to an interview?’.

In any interview setting, your goal is to show that you are a professional and reliable individual who can handle the responsibilities of a right-hand role. By dressing appropriately, you are demonstrating your respect for the position and the company you are interviewing with. The concept of office attire has changed since COVID-19, but the message remains the same. What does that mean? How does one look smart, polished and professional when suited and booted is slowly becoming a thing of the past? Have a look at some of these lovely dresses and top combos. You can also opt for a smart pair of trousers and a jacket.

Stella Heart to Heart Dress, Spring 2023
Stella Heart to Heart Dress, Olivier's Lounge
Pink Suit Combo, Spring 2023
Pink Suit Combo, Olivier's Lounge
Defile Jacket, Spring 2023
Defile Jacket, Olivier's Lounge

We have asked our Managing Consultant, Victoria Brown to provide some additional insight into making that glowing first impression. ‘You must ensure you research the company and understand their vibe and culture, as well as take a steer from your consultant’. She adds ‘I would always avoid jeans and trainers for an interview, but they can still look super smart if worn right and with the right employer’. As you can see below a pair of slick trousers and a statement jacket can instantly impress, but so can a gorgeous dress! According to our fashion buyer, Suki, there is a huge focus this season on ‘colour, two-piece outfits and blazers’.

Lily Black & White Blouse, Spring 2023
Lily Black & White Blouse & Trousers, Olivier's Lounge
Coral Blazer, Spring 2023
Coral Blazer, Olivier's Lounge
Dafne Blazer, Spring 2023
Dafne Blazer, Olivier's Lounge

What happens when you land the role? ‘My advice would be to read or follow the room but always be prepared for that last minute meeting to ensure you look formal and presentable’ says Victoria. Most offices will provide either a locker space or a communal closet in which to keep your smartest alternative. If not, have a base that can be jazzed up if needed with high heels, accessories and a well fitted blazer. First impression do count, and dressing appropriately is a key part of that.

Kimono Spring Coat, Spring 2023
Kimono Spring Coat, Olivier's Lounge