Here are our top tips to help you become more organised and productive in the workplace.

In some cases, a messy desk may be a sign of genius. But for most it’s more likely hindering (rather than helping) our productivity.

When a workspace is cluttered, it can be extremely difficult to focus on the task at hand. The piles of paperwork, pens, and other paraphernalia are both physical and mental roadblocks to progress. Conversely: when a desk is clear, a mind is clear, and work can be done with much more efficiency and ease.

Here are five simple tips from us at Bain and Gray, to help you be on your way to a streamlined and serene workspace:

1. Purge the paperwork. Go through your piles and files and shred any outdated or irrelevant paperwork. One thing we love at Bain and Gray are categorised folders for our candidate CVs and profiles that are then stored in lockable cupboards. This is a fantastic way to stay super organised with loose paperwork and a super easy and quick way for our consultants to find. We also digitalise our paperwork by scanning documents and saving them on the computer – this way everything is neatly saved away on your device and hello clear desk!

2. Out with the old. When you replace old equipment with new—phones, monitors, printers, etc.—don’t hang on to their predecessors. Donate or recycle them responsibly. For maximum space and efficiency, keep only your latest and greatest devices.

3. Eliminate the excess. Are you one of those people that has 1000’s of paperclips and pens stashed in your drawers or in pen holders on your desk? If yes, now is the time to cull your supplies to a reasonable amount! Likewise, declutter duplicate staplers, rulers, scissors, and other items. Don’t keep extras when you only need one.

4. A place for everything. Make a place for everything and keep everything in its place. Assign specific spots for every category of office supply and paperwork you have. If it helps, label containers, drawers, and shelves to remind you of their appropriate contents.

5. Clear space. Clear off your desk as you wrap up each day’s work. Put away office supplies, file away paperwork into your categorised folders, recycle scraps of paper that are no longer needed. You will be surprised as to how much this can affect not just your productivity but also your wellbeing at work.

These are five simple steps to help you become more organised and efficient at work though having a tidy desk, however there are other things to think about that can also help you improve productivity. Do you feel you are always trying to race through your To Do List Instead of striving to get more done, try having less to do. Be selective with the commitments you make and devote your energies to those that really matter. A little breathing room in your To Do list reduces your stress levels and can do wonders for your productivity. What’s more: it can put you on the fast track to success. For when we pare down to the essentials, we give ourselves the time, space, and energy to accomplish many things!