One of the most important attributes of a successful PA is organisation. Within our digital world, a key tool in optimising productivity is exploring modern apps and technology. Be it is for booking restaurants, time management or creating a do to list - efficiency and proactivity are fundamental in maintaining structure and making sense of the busy schedule of a PA!

Here are a few apps and tools I use and recommend to help with all aspects of day to day organisation, available on both iOS and Android.

Addison Lee

The world's largest managed premium car service, very useful for booking couriers, taxis, minibuses and airport transfers. You can open a business account to manage employees travel and pre-pay for all of your required services. You can also track all transport and ascertain the estimated time of arrival.


TimeTree is an amazing app designed to help with time management, you can collate a to do list and share it with others. The app aims to keep you on task and gives you timed reminders to complete them. You can also manage both work and home schedules or even a family or team calendar. You even have the option to share your diary with others and synchronize calendars to keep track of your events.

City Mapper

Although unique to major Cities, this app is amazing for giving an accurate representation for travel time door to door. It takes into account multiple routes and modes of transport, all on one screen. Even if you already know how to get somewhere but there are unexpected, disruptions, City Mapper will provide you with the quickest route to reach you destination.


If trying to coordinate a meeting that works for everyone is an ongoing struggle, Doodle is a great website to create a poll in minutes and send it off to your participants to let them choose the best time to meet. You can also you Doodle to create surveys, questionnaires or decided a location for your next team social!

The Nudge

The Nudge is a highly-curated guide to London, a great tool for sourcing team events! Although a subscription costs £6.00 per month, you will have access to the nudge website which offers searchable recommendations for all of London’s best restaurants, bars and things to do. A member has unique access to a regularly-changing selection of member perks including chef’s tables, bottomless boozy brunches and wine-paired tasting menus to member parties, off-menu dishes and preview dinners at some of London’s best new restaurants and bars