As administrative professionals, we understand that you wear multiple hats! Managing your executive’s diary, organising events, making travel plans, scheduling assignments… the list is endless.

Whilst there are so many productivity tools out there, researching them can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to decide which ones are helpful to you. We have outline 8 of our favourite tools that help with organisation, team building, travel coordinating and scheduling.


Monday’s cloud-based platform allows admin professionals to keep their organisations as productive as they can possibly be. Using’s interface, you can make a visually pleasing board of task cards: workflows, adding checklists, collaborators, and due dates so everyone in your team is always in sync.

Savvy admin professionals use to give their colleagues peace of mind knowing that you are on top of everything!

The benefits of using

  • It’s a great app for multitasking and organising
  • Evaluate your work at a glance with a colour code system
  • Assign task to colleagues and track the progress
  • Centralise your data so anyone can access important information whenever necessary.
  • View projects in a calendar format

2. The Assist

The Assist is a free weekly email newsletter that provides tips and advice for assistants. You can find some brilliant advice on developing personal and professional skills.

Every issue features carefully curated, to-the-point advice on assistant strategies, tech solutions, useful resources, and so much more. You can also find personal stories and insights from a thriving EA community and support network.

The benefits of using The Assist

  • Welcomes and answers community questions and feedback
  • Shares stories to help you feel connected to other assistants
  • Hooks you up with deals and exclusive offers

3. Nifty

Nifty is a multiple Gartner Award-winning platform that aligns your entire organisation. Famously easy to use yet incredibly flexible and powerful, Nifty becomes your team’s communication and execution hub, no matter the task at hand.

The benefits of using Nifty

It comes preloaded with easy to customise templates that are built for EA’s. Check it out here

  • It’s built in docs, such as Google Doc, Presentation and Sheets so you can bring your specifications and notes into your workspace
  • Nifty is built for ease. It’s easy to learn and use
  • Automations help take care of managerial work like status updates and task assignments. This enables you to focus on other important tasks.

4. Otter

Otter is an amazing tool that automatically transcribes your audio into text – oh yes! Text notes full of timesaving ways to find, search, and share with your team no matter where they are. Otter has integrated with other apps such as Zoom to help remote working and collaboration more efficient.

The benefits of using Otter?

  • It’s monthly price is affordable
  • Enjoy a free trial
  • It creates live notes from Zoom meetings
  • Import audio and video
  • Identifies speakers
  • Transcribes audio in real-time for meeting minutes

5. Let’s Roam

Love a team building scavenger hunt? Then this is for you! Let’s Roam is a platform that plans memorable scavenger hunts for you all allows you to join in the fun without having to worry about planning it! They also offer a virtual team building version of their platform that can be found here.

The benefits of Let’s Roam?

  • Browse from a multitude of scavenger hunts
  • Point-based system makes hunts even more fun
  • Flexible timing so it works with your schedule

6. Calendar

Create one smart view of your calendars and those of your team to create a productive scheduling environment. Calendar schedules, thinks and syncs for you and your team together. It is a great tool to manage day-to-day schedules – a top task for admin professionals.

The benefits of using Calendar?

  • Smart scheduling with machine learning capability
  • Team and people analytics to improve productivity
  • Meeting transcriptions to optimize time.

7. Time Zone Ninja

This desktop interface allows you to enter attendee locations to find ideal meeting times.

The benefits of using Time Zone Ninja?

  • Colour-coded legend for scanning results
  • Easily add more locations and attendees
  • No login required

8. Expensify

Expensing process sorted and automated with Expensify. Coordinating travel can be hard, and organising costs can introduce challenges. Expensify makes the process simple!

All you have to do is scan your receipt to prompt Expensify to generate and submit a report on your behalf. It also has a feature for capturing travel-related transactions and creating reports to help you track the overall cost of a trip.

The benefits of using Expensify?

  • On-the-go receipt tracking
  • You can connect to utility apps to integrate your receipts
  • Automatic checks help ensure compliance