Quest Professional and Bain and Gray have maintained a strong relationship. My colleague Hetty and I have had the privilege of engaging with the 2024 graduates over the past month.

Quest Professional offers a course that serves as an alternative or supplement to university education, focusing on imparting practical business skills applicable to any job. Students are equipped with a range of abilities, from mastering Excel and Microsoft packages to diary management and financial literacy. These skills, often neglected in traditional education settings, are crucial for building confidence in one's career journey.

During the past month, we have conducted mock interviews to assist students in preparing for upcoming job applications and had the pleasure of meeting numerous outstanding individuals at the Quest recruitment fair. Earlier this week, Hetty and I delivered a presentation to enlighten students about the various career paths available at Bain and Gray post-graduation, ranging from temporary to permanent positions and elucidating the diverse opportunities within support roles. Additionally, we shared valuable insights on interview attire and workplace etiquette.

We have identified exceptional candidates eager to immerse themselves in the workforce and apply their newly acquired skill set. We would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation to Quest and all contributors for nurturing our partnership.