Any good recruitment companies these days are more than just a company to provide you with your next hire. Taking time to carefully build a mutually beneficial relationship with your recruitment company can pay off in many ways. Helping you to be more productive and spend time focused on other areas of your job. The more obvious benefits are these…

  1. You will find the best candidates in the marketplace. If you work for a well known brand that has spent time and money on building an employer brand in the market, you may be inclined to think you have a healthy pipeline of potential employees already applying to your organisation. Certainly, that may be true for some more ‘front office’ based roles, but if you delve a little deeper it won’t be true for all roles that your company needs to hire. Specialist recruitment companies that recruit for a particular discipline, such as finance, marketing or business support roles are constantly building their candidate pipelines and will often be able to access the passive as well as active job seekers in each area.
  2. Industry Insights. Working with a recruiter who you have built a long standing relationship with can usually provide you with up to date market information on what is happening with recruitment in the specific are you are looking to recruit for. They will be able to provide insightful information on the market, including timelines for hiring, key criteria that candidates are looking for and overall competitor information. All goes to ensuring that you are well informed to keep your own company’s attrition rates relevant and in line with the market and that you are competitive with what you are able to offer new starters. This is not only in the material benefits but also, for example, EDIB policies, hybrid working, onboarding arrangements and career progression opportunities amongst other elements.
  3. Peer discussion forums. Good recruitment consultancies offer further value adds by enabling events where you get the chance to meet with your peers, either face to face or online. These can be formal or informal confidential environments where you would have the opportunity to discuss some of the challenges you face recruiting for your organisation either across the board or for specific roles. This platform can be invaluable for internal recruiters who are working for smaller or start up companies.
  4. All of which saves you time and money and makes you look good! The time savings are obvious, the money side is a little more tricky to quantify but if you quantify time spent on recruiting tasks that could be outsourced and analyse the cost benefit versus other tasks you could have spent your time doing is a good place to start. We all want to be doing the best job we can be doing and be recognised for it. Working with a recruitment consultancy that you build a relationship with outside of just recruiting, will do just that!