Lovely Millie spent a week temping with us at Bain and Gray as Office Manager. This was her first experience in a support role so she has kindly shared with us what she learnt and how she feels it has benefited her career.

As someone who is unsure as to which career path to follow, an initial meeting with the consultants at Bain and Gray was hugely beneficial. I was advised that temping work would be a great way to experience various industries and roles to get a feel for what I am most suited to. Fortunately enough my first temping role was with Bain and Gray.

This was my first experience of a support role, which I thoroughly enjoyed. As Office Manager, my role varied from day to day. I was principally responsible for welcoming candidates and clients and ensuring that they are registered with us ahead of their meeting with one of the Temporary or Permanent Consultants.

I corresponded with candidates and clients via email and phone, acted as PA to Bain and Gray’s Director, Claire and Managing Director, Tray and managed the maintenance of the beautiful, new, Soho Office.

I gained a valuable insight into the world of temping, and was fortunate enough to sit in on candidate meetings and assist with subsequent write-ups.

What have I learnt?

My time at Bain and Gray has taught me a lot about how I can boost my CV. Most crucially, experience is invaluable. Not only does it allow you to build your skillset, it provides you with the opportunity to network with some of the best in the business.

To anyone wanting to work as a PA/EA or the likes, I would advise getting as much relevant experience as you can, regardless of the industry. Temping is a great way to understand what working in specific industries involves, and if nothing else teaches you what you like and don’t like. Be proactive, get stuck in and make the most of any opportunity you can.

In regards to a career in recruitment, I have learnt that you must possess high emotional intelligence. It is vital that you are able to understand a candidate’s personality and skill set in order to find them an appropriate role. You must be a team-player. Bain and Gray is a collaborative environment and both desks are hugely transparent about candidates in order to help find the perfect job. Perseverance is key, a last minute position or change in circumstance can be a challenge to fill, so you must be determined.

I would definitely advise getting in contact with Bain and Gray to help you with your job search and allow you to get some experience under your belt. Bain and Gray is unique, they prioritise suitability and fit over a quick fix. They take the time to build relationships and truly understand both client and candidate, to ensure that the perfect match is made.