For Personal and Executive Assistants with high-flying ambitions, Sun’s memoir is an essential read! It offers invaluable insight into the realities of working at the top echelons of finance and is a vivid portrayal of the high-stake world ambitious candidates might find themselves in, replete with its glamour and its pitfalls. As an additional bonus, the book is also a reminder of the importance of balance, self-care, and maintaining a clear sense of personal identity amidst a demanding career (something we continue to promote in our Podcasts and Insights blogs over at Links).

I am delighted to present this review of a gripping memoir that will plunge readers into the fast-paced world of Wall Street. We meet Sun, a twenty-nine-year-old Chinese-American who excelled academically and professionally and finds herself at a crossroad. After leaving a job as a financial analyst and dropping out of an MBA program, she accepts an opportunity to work as an assistant to Boone Prescott, the founder of a prestigious hedge fund….after fourteen grueling interviews!

For those of us dreaming of working in the C-Suite of a top financial house this book is an education on working in such a high-stake environment – glittering on the surface but with an undercurrent of monastic discipline. Sun's role demands she be available 24/7, handling everything from arranging her boss’ travel to managing his intricate social calendar. The pressure is immense, the rewards substantial! How exactly does she handle such immense responsibilities? What character traits does one have to possess to survive and thrive in such an elite powerhouse?

Sun’s memoir is a deeply personal narrative about self-discovery and the search for meaning. It is a very realistic account of the work culture that pervades such environments, letting the reader decide if they are ready for such a role and what steps they have to take to climb to the top of the corporate ladder. The memoir is far from a sensationalist exposé but is a deeply personal account that probes into the values underpinning our societal definitions of success and achievement.