There is no golden rule book when it comes to starting a family. It does not help that in our society plenty of anxiety festers around embarking on this journey due to a common misconception that having a successful career as a PA/EA and a fulfilling family life is completely unrealistic. But does that really have to be the case? Should exceptional business professionals need to give up their career? Absolutely not! Even with the changes that comes with raising a family, you do not necessarily have to give up what you love to be a parent.


Above everything else, communication with your employer should be your top priority. Avoid leaning on the best-case scenario (a generous maternity leave) and the worst-case scenario (being subtly told that this means you might not be able to fulfil your duties in the future). You might be surprised! If you have established a solid foundation of trust between yourself and your employer, they can be flexible. For example, they may just ask you to put in some extra hours in the evening or even work from home for a few days. Still anxious? You must remember that many employers have a family of their own!

Refrain from generalisation!

Here are some common phrases that get thrown around these days: ‘I just remember my mum was always working’, ‘I want them to look back and remember how spectacular their childhood was’.

Society has not failed to wire our brains for generalisation but even the most basic wisdom reminds us that every situation is different. The tidal wave of advice from friends and family members can be helpful but that does not mean that it is always right for your circumstances. After addressing the situation with your employer, sit down with your family/partner and carefully consider your expectations from your career, and how you expect to achieve that goal. This can include a reassessment of household finances, exploring the potential of temporary employment or go back to your full-time job whilst your partner stays at home as the primary care giver. Get creative and you may well find a way where you can both impress your employer and form that precious bond with your child.

Consider temping?

Hesitate at the thought of returning to your post? Bain and Gray have a wide range of temp opportunities which can cater to various schedules and locations. Childcare can be incredibly expensive, especially in the current cost of living crisis. Bear in mind that when your child hits a school age, the cost will be reduced but preparing your finances for those first few years is an absolute necessity. Temping gives you the opportunity to earn good money, re-evaluate what you really want to get out of your future career and allows for flexibility which is harder to find in full-time employment. This is also an opportunity to learn new skills, expand your network and explore a variety of different work environments. For more information on tempting, click here: Reasons to do a temporary jobs.

Do not forget the most important person – YOU!

Manging that dynamic EA/PA career whilst juggling a family will burn a lot of energy. It is important to have a high level of self-awareness when it comes managing your health and energy levels. I would rather not state the obvious (a good night’s sleep and the occasional workout) as this is the time to focus efforts on reminding you that it is perfectly ok to ask for help! Mum guilt should not be a factor when we can agree that no one does it alone. Browse the nearest nurseries and child-minders in your local area. And if you are lucky enough to live close to family, a common solution is grandparents who might be willing and able, as well as fulfilled by caring for grandchildren. Even one or two hours can be enough to call it a day well spent.