Are you still on the hunt for finding that dream job, but still need to pay the bills? Or have you just graduated and are unsure about what you actually want to begin your career in? Or perhaps you’ve always been in full time work and want to create a working lifestyle that suits your schedule. If any of these are resonating with you, then this blog is for you!

So, how do temp jobs actually work?

Temp work - or temping, as it’s better known - is carried out on a temporary basis where you are employed by a recruitment agency rather than a company or organisation. Temping can be a couple of days at a time, a few weeks or even months depending on the need from the company.

There are many reasons why a company would take on temps, some including:

  1. Staff holiday cover

  2. Support with extra workload

  3. To fill a position until they have found the right candidate for the permanent position

  4. Staff sick cover

Temp work tends to be at an hourly rate and is paid each week as opposed to the usual end of the month ‘pay day’.

Why is temporary work worth doing?

Temping enables you to earn money whilst gaining first-hand experience in different industries. It’s the perfect way to be a part of different working environments and cultures to see what values you believe in and want to be involved in. Work is a big part of our lives, so it’s important to be working with a company you believe in and enjoy working for.

If you are job searching for a permanent position, it’s important to remember that temping is a great way to help you build soft skills like personal organisation, time management and communication - all great things that you will then be able to demonstrate and talk about in a future job interview.

Don’t like the idea of being stuck in one job for too long? This is a great way to explore different job roles, industries and locations. If you enjoy variety, temping is for you.

Temporary working advantages:

  1. Flexibility and working on your own schedule. Want to be able to say when and how you work? Temping gives you the chance to do this.

  2. Get paid whilst finding what industry and role you really want to build a career in

  3. Broaden and develop soft and hard skills

  4. Build a network and leave people with a positive impression of you. Who knows, they could be your future employer!

  5. It’s a great talking point in job interviews for permanent positions.

  6. Earn some extra money during university holiday breaks

How can you get into temping at Bain and Gray?

If you are interested in PA, EA, secretarial, or any other administrative roles, here’s how to register at Bain and Gray.

We take as much care in finding you temporary work as we do with those looking for permanent work, so we place you only on assignments that fit your experience, skills and availability.

If you have any questions at all around temping or are interested to hear more about how it works through Bain and Gray, please email the team