On reflection, I have not found the last year easy. Everyone at home trying to juggle homeschooling, a very challenging work schedule, and covid going round our house – mercifully with no lasting effects, but it was not a period I look back on with pleasure, and I know I am not alone in that.

However, having said all that, I can now reflect on it all and take stock of what has come out of this. Firstly I am incredibly proud of how Bain and Gray has got through it, and most importantly our amazing team, who pulled together and been totally onboard with the direction Emily and I have steered the business to come out the other side. It was not easy for anyone, however it showed great resolve, commitment and loyalty from all of the team, and we are incredibly grateful.

We have come out of it stronger, wiser and I think all feeling a sense of the way we work so well as a team and what we have at Bain and Gray. Emily and I have always felt very strongly about working as a team for Bain and Gray, how that makes us stronger both as a company and as individuals.

The Directors at Bain and Gray have recently reviewed our benefits packages with an emphasis on working flexibly from home and the office, holiday allowance, health and introduced a sabbatical among other things. We want our staff to feel that the whole picture is important to us, and all reflects on their performance at work and most importantly their happiness and wellbeing.

Mental health week gives us time to reflect on ourselves and where we have got to, and how strong we really are. We should celebrate that and look after ourselves. Our own mental health cannot be underestimated, and this week is a good time to nurture ourselves and remember what we each need for our minds and bodies.

One of our ex Bain and Gray employees Jess Robson does some fantastic work with her charity RunTalkRun if you are interested in finding out more do look her up ………@runtalkrun she links running and talking and now has a worldwide following.