Some of the most sought-after executive assistant roles out there are those that require frequent travel. Coming from personal experience, having to follow your employer around the globe is incredibly exciting but it can also be very challenging. On one hand, you get to enjoy the thrill of experiencing new places, meeting new people and even exploring different cultures (should your schedule permit). On the other hand, constant travel is exhausting, stressful and can cause long-term detriment to your health and work routine. A well-prepared piece of hand luggage is destined to become an art for any EA who will come to refer to an airport as a ‘second home’. These 5 little luxuries are guaranteed not only to make any flight more enjoyable, but help you remain fresh and well-rested, ready to conquer new heights in a whole new time zone.

Raw Coconut Water, Rebel Kitchen, £4.00

The juicy solution to jet lag! Cabin air is often dry, leading to dehydration. That cup of coffee or glass or wine sure can be tempting but we highly recommend this mighty option instead. The natural electrolyte-rich drink will keep you hydrated and help replenish the fluids and minerals lost during a long-haul. If that is not convincing enough, the rich combination of the vitamins and minerals will boost the immune system, aid digestion and reduce stress. We must wonder why coconut water is not compulsory…

**Given liquid restrictions on international and domestic flight, seek alternative brands if this one is not available in the terminal**

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, £22.50

There is nothing worse than having to dash straight from an arrival hall to a meeting with dull skin and dark circles. Pair your coconut hydration routine with this smart mask to get a dewy glow on the go. You might find yourself looking fresher than before take-off! Mid flight might not be the best time for a deep clean, but it is not an excuse to not hydrate and protect. The best part of this undetectable solution is it is a no-rinse-needed formula especially designed for a discreet in-flight treatment – no uncomfortable eyeballs from those fellow passengers.

Night Time Tea, Pukka, £4.19

Keeping tea bags handy in your hand luggage? Why not! All you need is a cup of hot water and you have the perfect night-time ritual for the overnight flight. Created by herbal experts and nutritionists, this popular tea brand is offering the powerful combination of chamomile, lavender, and oat flower that will help lull you into a more restful state. Remember that good quality sleep remains the essential ingredient for a more productive day ahead!

Joy Wellness Journal, Papier, £26.00

What could be a more perfect addition to the above cup of tea? Before winding down, a flight can be an excellent opportunity to get some additional work done without the everyday distractions, but we cannot overlook self-care. Wellness experts worldwide continue to preach the power of the pen on page to reflect and organise your thoughts, so we chose a Marie Claire favourite! The structure of this journal is a way to end and start the day with a much-needed dose of mindfulness. Papier’s beautiful range of wellness journals come in different colours and offer you a 12-week program for goal setting, reflection and gratitude.

Sattva, App Store and Google Play, £86.50 lifetime subscription

Fear of flying is very common. Even if you do not mind the occasional turbulence, being in a restricted space for long periods of time can make anyone agitated. This list would not make any sense without a meditation app; a wonderful tool to focus on relaxation and reducing those anxiety levels. However, let us forget the obvious choices out there on the market and opt for an authentic experience rooted in the magical origins of meditation. Drawing its six-minute-plus guided sessions from the ancient Vedic principles, the app also features sacred sounds, chants, mantras and music by Sanskrit scholars.