Bain and Gray have become established in the market for finding exceptional Graduate First Jobbers, Junior Personal Assistants and Junior Office Assistants for our Clients. Our unique and ongoing relationship with the Oxford Media and Business School, and our strong links with Secretarial colleges in London and the excellent Mountbatten Scheme, has established our reputation and candidate quality at this level.

Here's how we support our clients:

Building relationships through our work experience programmes and career advice talks

Through our work experience programmes and career advice talks, we are able to build relationships with new Graduates and Junior Assistant Candidates, before they actively come into the market to start their first job search. This gives us access to these new and bright, highly skilled candidates looking to start their careers before they are active in the market and registering with all the recruitment agencies.

We shortlist candidates who are qualified and ready to hit the ground running

We find that the market can be saturated with first jobbers and graduates of all levels, particularly at the end of the academic year in June/July time. They do not always have the skills and training at this level and lack the experience and career history to prove themselves in interviews. For that reason, it can be harder for potential employers to filter out the best of the new talent from a CV at this level for their recruitment. This may be because they are not used to the professional workplace, the processes and systems in an office, or have not been trained or given any career advice in the relevant office skills and IT packages. Equally, they are not familiar or trained with the procedures in a professional office environment and the qualities a new employer will look for on CVs or in interview, to recruit them.

We are able to make this much easier for our Clients by shortlisting the Candidates who are able to hit the ground running and are quick to learn because they have had the training, are qualified in the relevant courses and have the right attitude, ability and enthusiasm to learn and grow quickly with new opportunities and investment in their career development. It is often the Candidates that are willing to learn, muck in and prove themselves that develop into the best PAs and EAs long term and grow their career most successfully within their first jobs. Graduates offer a level of educational ability that they are able to build on from the moment they start in their first job, but they may not interview well or showcase their natural skills and ability to their best advantage. We understand this, and our rigorous interview processes, career coaching and experienced searching help our Clients get the best shortlist of CVs at this level.

Our work experience programme with Oxford Media and Business School since 2000

In addition to our broad and impressive network, our agency has been running the Work Experience Programme with Oxford Media and Business School since 2000 and has made long term and lasting relationships with both the Students and Alumni network through this. Many students impress to such a high degree and level of excellence, that a job offer is a common result of the Programme; an incredible achievement in a week. It also provides an excellent opportunity for a great introduction to our Clients to recruit new talent at a junior level before committing to hiring candidates permanently and investing time and training. Many of our Clients refer to the Work Experience Programme regularly and are able to benefit from the unique opportunity that we offer them.

Interested in finding out more or would like some advice?

If you need more advice to recruit Graduates or trained PA/Office Assistants, or to find the best Personal Assistants at the first jobber level, please do not hesitate to call and we can discuss your needs and target our search to your current vacancy. Whatever the role offers, now or in the future, we will tailor our search to find the best talent for your company.