Are you considering your next career move and unsure about the salary you should aim for? We're here to help you negotiate a new salary that is both realistic and achievable, ensuring you get what you want and deserve.

1. Research Market Rates

  • Use tools like Glassdoor to compare salaries.
  • Consult friends in the industry for insights. Do not forget to join our PA, EA and Administrative Professional network, Links!
  • Speak to recruiters for up-to-date salary benchmarks.
  • Understand your current salary and bonus structure relative to competitors and other candidates.
  • Avoid asking for salaries above the market rate to remain competitive.

2. Maintain a Positive Attitude

  • Be ready to justify your salary request with examples of your skills and attributes.
  • Highlight how your experience from previous firms will add value to the new company.
  • Demonstrate confidence in your abilities to make your salary request more compelling.

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3. Consult Your Recruitment Consultant

  • Recruiters know the market well and can provide valuable advice on salary negotiations.
  • They can assist you in negotiating your salary, especially during the final stages of the interview process.

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4. Utilise Salary Surveys

  • We conduct a comprehensive salary survey every 6 months to help both companies and candidates align their salary expectations with the market.

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